July 26, 2019

What’s the difference between muslim brotherhood doctrine and Islam?

Written by Stephanie Ameiss

“Islam does not recognize geographical boundaries, nor does it acknowledge racial and blood differences, considering all Muslims as one Umma (global community of Muslims). The Muslim Brethren (Muslim Brotherhood)…. believe that the caliphate is a symbol of Islamic Union and an indication of the bonds between the nations of Islam. They see the caliphate and its re-establishment as a top priority…” –Hassan al-Banna. The Muslim Brotherhood was created in 1928  by Hassan al-Banna in Egypt to re-establish the Islamic State (caliphate) under sharia (Islamic Law).

The By-Laws of the International Muslim Brother (IMB) identify the IMB as an “International Muslim body which seeks to establish Allah’s law (sharia) in the land….the Islamic nation must be fully prepared to fight the tyrants and enemies of Allah as a prelude to establishing an Islamic state.”

Sharia is how the Islamic enemy communicates and understands the world.  This is why it is crucial to use the filter of sharia when our adversaries speak so we can properly understand what the enemy intends.  The United States muslim brotherhood continue to support the “ideologies” of islam as sharia is advancing in our Republic. 

Ami Horowitz interviewed Muslim Brotherhood leader Ashraf Abdel  Ghaffar and asked him, if all the Muslim brotherhood shares the same ideology. Gaffar responded, “All of us  share an underlying ideology which comes from Islam. You have this ideology, you have the group to fulfill the conditions of this ideology which is in Algeria, or in Chad, or in Berlin or Malaysia, in Finlanda, in AMERICA and Russia and Mozambique and South Africa and everywhere. Its best for everyone!”  What MB leader Ashraf Abdel Ghaffar is saying is the same as Hassan al-Banna said when he created the Muslim brotherhood.  Both Muslim Brotherhood leaders express the same message in 1928 and in 2019 because they are following sharia.

The Muslim Brotherhood (MB) Creed which reads: “Allah is our goal, the Prophet is our guide, the Koran is our law, JIHAD is our way, and dying in the cause of Allah is our highest aspiration.”

The Muslim Brotherhood’s objectives are identical to Al Qaeda, the Islamic State, CAIR, ISNA, and all other jihadi organizations.  These objectives are the same now as they were in 1928 and the same in Algeria, or in Chad, or in Berlin or Malaysia, in Finlanda, in AMERICA and Russia and Mozambique and South Africa and everywhere.

All sharia mandates jihad until the world is under Islamic rule, and sharia only defines jihad as “warfare against non-muslims.”

Rich Higgins who was the director of strategic planning for the national security council and ran the combatting terrorism and technical support office for the pentagon said “The Muslim brotherhood controls the national security decision making process regarding the Islamic threat and the evidence of this is the catastrophic failure of our foreign policy, our war fighting strategy and our domestic counter terrorism since 9/11.” 

Former ISNA President and ADAMS Center’s Imam Mohamed Magid attended a ceremony at FBI Headquarters where he was presented with an award by
FBI Director James B. Comey.

The Muslim Brotherhood is very successful in this war; they control what police officers, FBI, DHS and all national security staff learn about Islam.   They have completely monopolized all the education of our warriors while not allowing them to use the correct terminology or truth terms while discussing the islamic threat. Muslim Brotherhood has been in the United States for over 50 years, and has imbedded itself into many areas of our government, including our FBI, CIA, local/state police, and across the social spectrum, for the purpose of collecting intelligence and controlling how U.S. officials view the threat.  

Americans have fallen asleep while the muslim brotherhood  network in the United States had tripled. We are LOSING! 

U.S. warfighting doctrine states that to professionally analyze a threat, you begin with how the threat defines itself and why the threat states it is fighting you. To date, the U.S. intelligence and military community has yet to do a professional analysis of our enemy.  Sadly, they have failed to read, study and learn sharia.  

Muslim Brotherhood’s By-Laws and all of its published doctrine states muslims must wage war against non-muslims until a global Islamic State is established under “Allah’s divine law”/sharia.  So what is the difference between Muslim Brotherhood doctrine and basic teachings of Islam?

What’s the difference between  muslim brotherhood doctrine and Islam?

Nothing!!! They are the same!

We encourage you to read Raising a Jihadi Generation to Understanding the Muslim Brotherhood doctrine and their Movement in America.  Muslims must do everything they are physical and mentally capable of doing to impose Allah’s law to be the law of the land, which means  sharia worldwide. 

Citizens, law enforcement  and  government officials must realize this war will necessarily be won or lost at the local level by local police and the citizens who support them.

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Stephanie Ameiss is a retired Police Detective and UTT’s Director of Investigations.

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  1. Why the hell doesn’t President Trump declare the Muslim Brotherhood and CAIR worldwide terrorist organizations and deport their asses?

  2. All smiles for an award…..not specified…given to a pious professional who has achieved a qualified position, appropriately dressed to accomplish a feat that makes mosque building and teaching a doctrine completely perceptively innocuous as a security concern for the presenter from our national security. The future goals secured for the receiver and a curious motive exists for the presenter and a questionable strategy move. Do both sides agree or is one positioning a move the “other” is unaware. No borders, free passage and freedom to undermine a host government step by step shoulder to shoulder. Or a temporary pause.

    This article describes the problem, a very clever foreign doctrine protects it’s information moves cautiously, gradually and has great cover of the deception or problem as long as it controls the narrative.

  3. No difference between Muslim Brotherhood goals and Islam. If you see one you see the other in play.

  4. Frank Livingston August 9, 2019 at 7:42 am Reply

    I first contacted Sen. Burr’s office in 2008 when I learned about the firing of Stephen Coughlin, the DoD/JCS subject matter expert (SME) on Shariah/Islamic law during the Bush administration.
    Coughlin was removed simply because an Islamist/Muslim, Hersham Islam complained to “Gullible” Gordon England about the speeches Coughlin had been making and the analysis he wrote for the Holy Land Foundation trial in 2008. I never received a written reply so I called and talked with his Legislative Assistant Cynthia Ramos and explained what was happening and asked her to request Sen. Burr submit a letter to Sen. Burr requesting hearings on the Muslim Brotherhood and the firing of Coughlin and provide me a written response.
    Hesham Islam, a Muslim was a personal aide to Deputy Defense Secretary Gordon England and complained that Coughlin was a “Christian zealot with a pen” during a meeting, a slur rejected by Mr. Coughlin’s supporters. Coughlin was telling hard facts that could save military lives and help us win the war against jihadists. Hersham Islam protested Coughlin’s research made a connection between Islamic law and terror.

    On February 10, 2010, I received a call from Sen. Burr’s then-chief of staff Chris Joyner who is now the staff director of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence in which “RINO” Burr is the chairman! I asked him if Sen. Burr would request hearings by the Senate Armed Service Committee Subcommittee on Emerging Threats and Capabilities of which he was a member and I was told NO; it would not happen. When I asked why he just repeated, NO, it would not happen!

    Stephen Coughlin is warning us is anyone listening? Who is Stephen Coughlin you ask?
    Stephen Coughlin a leading national security advisor and Islamic law expert explains how and why America is losing to jihadists in his new book: “Catastrophic Failure: Blindfolding America in the Face of the Jihad”.
    On page #12 Coughlin writes, “I had entered the Intelligence Directorate adhering to the traditional methods of analysis. Soon, however, I discovered that within the division there seemed to be a preference for political correctness over accuracy and for models that were generated not by what the enemy said he was, but on what academics and “cultural advisors” said the enemy needed to be, based on contrived social science theories.”
    It seemed the enemy was aware of this as well. Forces hostile to the United States in the War on Terror appeared to have successfully calculated that they could win the war by convincing our national security leaders of the immorality of studying and knowing the enemy.”


    Controlling what law-enforcement and U.S. national security entities were forbidden to learn regarding Islam’s war* on Western civilization is similar to what the American people were led to believe regarding Saudi-Arabian government funding of the 9/11 attacks until South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham had the courage to reveal the damning content of the so-called “28-pages”, thus tell them the truth.

    Furthermore, in view of the FBI’s erstwhile aquiesance to attempt to identify the 1888 London, England serial killer known as “Jack the Ripper”, that same level of concern for lingering and/or overdue homicide closures should obviously apply to United States cases:

    E.g., at about 0250hrs CDT on 11 July 1990 while airborne above Lee County, Illinois approximately one hour’s flying time near-due-west of Chicago, sole occupants 8-year old Andrew Caradori and his father, Lincoln Nebraska-based private investigator Gary Caradori were assassinated, (probably) by means of a precisely timed phosphorous induced aircraft-sabotage explosion in order to accomodate the obstruction-of-justice seizure of a briefcase presumed to contain photographic confirmation of the presence at a 1984 Chicago pedophile orgy of an eventual top-ranking U.S. political figure on whose reputational behalf said crimes were committed (the cause of which, according to the National Transportation Safety Board wasn’t “exact” thus not routinely and timely reported).

    Given, their obvious dedication therefore to truth; professional concern for the welfare of the American people in accordance with the Constitution, and strict adherence to the concept of equal treatment under the law vis-a-vis the U.S. criminal code, the six high ranking government officials whose federal tenures in relevant part coincided with said assassinations, i.e. within the cover up phase of the nationwide Franklin Pedophile Network (1989-1993), might be asked to either personally re-examine said foregoing issue, or collectively recommend that a special counsel do so. Said group of “six” (who obviously know who they are) consists of: 2-Attorney Generals, 1-Acting Attorney General, 1-Secret Service Director and 2-FBI Directors.

    *Anyone wishing to acquaint themselves with a personal copy of the Arabic-to-English verbatim translation of Islam’s declaration of war on Western civilization, the original of which was seized by special agents of the FBI from a subterranean basement in Annandale, Virginia in 2004 in accordance with a federal search warrant, may simply contact http://www.securefreedom.org to request (for a nominal handling & postage fee): GOVERNMENT EXHIBIT 003-0085 3:O4-CR-240-G U.S. v. HLF, et al.

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