September 24, 2019

UTT Trained Patriots Encourage YOU to Get in the Fight

The following article was written by Marni Hockenberg, an activist in the Minneapolis, Minnesota area and a graduate of UTT’s Train the Trainer Program.

In his 2016 blog, Understanding the Threat founder and President John Guandolo assessed Minnesota’s Twin Cities are in “enemy held territory.”

Minneapolis, the city where I live, is lost and under the control of a collaborative jihadist/Marxist element.

The Muslim Brotherhood’s Civilization Jihad plan to “destroy Western Civilization from within” and replace our Constitution with Sharia is being implemented at warp speed. The UTT team has been warning us about the threat for years.

As an eye witness to this surreal and horrifying Islamic take-over by suit-wearing Jihadis with the help of Marxists, I know that I’m living with enemies who espouse ideologies that call for my death and the destruction of our Constitutional Republic. 

Not wired to sit around and simply wring my hands, I looked for ways to counter this insurgency.

Turning to UTT for their excellent resources, I read all of John Guandolo’ s books, watched UTT’s DVD’s, read their research papers and blogs, subscribed to their social media, and invited the UTT team to speak to a local business group.

UTT taught me that you cannot win a war unless you know your enemy.  To obtain a graduate level understanding of our enemies, I enrolled in the UTT Train the Trainer course. Their world-class program with leading experts provided me with the knowledge I needed to identify the enemy, their goals and doctrines, strategies and tactics, and pinpoint their leaders and enablers in Minnesota. 

But most importantly, I learned that this battle can only be won or lost at the grass roots level.

As a citizen activist (with little prior experience), I was armed with the knowledge and motivated to fight enemies of liberty. A key to success is in finding and creating ways to confront and expose these enemies by providing opportunities for lovers of freedom and liberty to get involved. 

UTT advocates putting freedom back on the offensive where it belongs. Taking that to heart and using what they taught me, here are some examples of my recent grass roots activism which I hope inspires YOU to take action: 

  • The Marxists of the St. Louis Park City Council voted to remove the Pledge of Allegiance in order to “create a more welcoming environment” for their diverse population. This occurred two weeks after Congresswoman Ilhan Omar met with them. Realizing this was likely a sharia implementation agenda, I teamed up with Michele Even (another UTT Train the Trainer grad) to organize two rallies to “Save the Pledge.” The rallies attracted national media attentiontwo tweets by President Trump, and provided local citizens with an opportunity to become involved at the grass roots level. Not only did St Louis Park reinstate the pledge and whined about it, two other cities reinstated it immediately after. We scored a big victory for liberty! 
  • Local Muslim Brotherhood affiliates “rented” the U.S Bank stadium for their Super Eid celebration. Our group of activists attended the board meeting prior to the event to ask them hard questions about the use of the venue for a Muslim holiday, but it fell on deaf ears. I gave each board member a copy of John Guandolo’s book, Raising a Jihadi Generation. The day of the event, I recorded some videos to show the world what Civilization Jihad looks like. 
  • The Muslim American Society (a Muslim Brotherhood group) held a public conference at the local Convention Center, and I attended to hear the candidate forum. They kicked me out because they did not want an infidel hearing what they had to say. This was an example of sharia being imposed on me, an American citizen. 
  • The day before Muslim Day at the Minnesota State Capital, I distributed 100 information packets to Legislators that contained evidence CAIR (sponsor of the event) is a Hamas/Muslim Brotherhood organization.  
  • Hamas/CAIR sponsored a “Challenging Islamophobia” full-day conference at Metro State University. I attended to keep tabs on the indoctrination of our young people into accepting Islam. In my  video, I reported Minnesota became the first sharia state after Governor Walz declared the opening of three “Human Rights Offices” where Islamic blasphemy laws will be implemented against citizens who tell the truth about Islam. 
  • Beth El synagogue hosted a DFL Candidate caucus in August 2018 and invited candidate Ilhan Omar as a guest. Omar stated she did not support BDS and later admitted she actually DOES support it. This was an example of “permissible lying” in Islamic law (sharia), where a Muslim is obliged to lie to the infidel in order to advance the jihad. Knowing that the moderator would not mention her vile anti-Israel tweet, I made copies and placed them on the car windshields during the program so attendees would know Ilhan Omar hates Israel. 
  • Somali owned child care centers in the Minneapolis area have scammed millions of tax payer dollars and shipped the money in suitcases through the MSP (Minneapolis) airport to Somalia to fund the terrorist group Al Shabab.  Democrat legislators enable this scheme and Republicans, too afraid to create conflict, sit silently by. Michele Evans and I dressed up as Scam Am airline flight attendants at the Republican State Convention and asked attendees and Legislators to sign a petition to shut down the CCAP program. 

What will YOU do at your grass roots citizen activist level to defend our way of life for America and the West?  

If you want more information on UTT’s Train the Trainer program please contact UTT at

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  1. Thank you for educating me. I have lived in this country my whole life. I was ignorant of the fact that there are immigrants that have now come to the USA to change it back to THEIR country’s way of living and beliefs. They hate America and the freedom that was fought for by real patriots.

  2. unfortunately they will all have to die or we will all be murdered, you choose , its our country not theirs. many of these rodents that came here are illegal by Obamas midnight plane rides by dhs, jeh johnson.

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