May 10, 2018

UTT Special Report from Israel

The UTT team is in Israel.

Last night at approximately 3 AM local time UTT’s team awoke to the sound of an explosion, Israeli military jets overhead striking targets in Syria, and the Israeli Iron Dome defenses destroying Iranian rockets.

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Also – President Trump scrapped the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) with Iran this week, the Iranian Parliament members burned the agreement – and apparently a U.S. flag – while chanting ‘Death to America” in Parliament, 3 American hostages from North Korea are now home, and the Israeli military remains on high alert.

As a part of a National Security tour, UTT’s team is visiting key strategic locations in Israel, receiving briefings from Israeli military and political leaders,

UTT’s Stephanie Ameiss at the Israeli-Lebanese border

The mood in Israel is optimistic in response to U.S. President Donald Trump’s announcement the US will not be a part of the dangerous JCPOA.

What has always been clear continues to be clear – nations surrounding Israel (Egypt, Jordan, Syria, Lebanon) are all party to the OIC (Organisation of the Islamic Cooperation) which makes the imposition of sharia the mandate of the muslim world…just like ISIS.

The photo above:  Northernmost Israeli-Lebanese border at the kibbutz at Misgrav Am looking across into Lebanon reveals a large Hizbollah flag flying in an open are in the neighborhood. No windows are on the houses and tunnels exist underground connecting them. No activity in the homes or the streets reveals this is a complete fascade used by Hizbollah as a military stronghold.

This week Hizbollah, an arm of the Iranian government and a designated terrorist organization, gained significant political power in Lebanon.

Iran continues to call for the destruction of Israel.

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About Stephanie Ameiss

    By virtue of having recently watched a 30 minute interview of the former head of Israeli Intelligence, as I understand it, every offensive action taken in the interest of that country’s national security is predicated solely on ensuring that the end result equates to “what’s best for all parties involved”; and are thus consistently based mainly on ad hoc close-to-the-chest choices.

    The U.S. president’s on-going fulfillment of his two earlier promises — to act, rather than engage in unending garrulous nonsense — regarding Iran and North Korea are two brilliant examples of “what’s best for all parties involved” (as well as of the president’s vastly underestimated leadership skills).

    Furthermore, since Israel does have to cope each day with being literally surrounded by OIC countries dedicated to its destruction, I would venture a guess that unlike the entire U.S. commercial aviation industry, it’s national airline, El Al, hasn’t effectively sold preferential security-employment opportunities to sharia-adherent Muslims.

    UTT’s relentless worldwide quest for, and provision of, critical war* intelligence data in behalf of the American people has become an exceptional element of national security and U.S. survival; which demonstrates once again, that when you need a contextually trained leader who loves his country and knows how to fight, there’s no better choice than a former United States Marine.

    *Those wishing to familiarize themselves with an Arabic-to-English verbatim translation of Islam’s declaration of war on the United States, which was seized in 2004 by Special Agents of the FBI from a subterranean basement in Annandale, Virginia in compliance with a federal search warrant, may do so (for a nominal handling & postage fee) by contacting:, to request; GOVERNMENR EXHIBIT
    003-0085 3:04-CR-240-G U.S. v. HLF, et al.

    • Donald, thank you for your support for UTT and for our team. We are grateful and are glad to have you standing shoulder to shoulder with us. JG

  2. Thank you for all you to to teach and enlighten about the threats and dangers of Islam. ~KB

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