UTT Capabilities

UTT provides state leaders and officials successful strategies to dismantle the significant jihadi organizations in their communities, while educating the public and gaining their support for actions taken at the state level.

UTT’s team, which includes two former state legislators, consults with state legislators and members of the U.S. Congress on legislative matters helpful in exposing and appropriately dealing with the jihadi threats.  UTT team members will help draft bills, provide continuous support, and work with legislative staffs through the entire process until a bill is introduced and passed.

UTT provides police and investigative agencies with detailed information on how to identify and map out jihadi organizations in local communities, and how to deal with them once they have been established.

UTT provides police and investigative agencies with specific methods to proactively identify terrorists/jihadis in their jurisdictions.

This world class program with leading experts in the field – “Train the Trainer” – will certify students to present “Understanding the Threat” material while giving them a graduate-level depth of information about the Global Jihadist Movement, and how to present this information to others. This is the only course of its kind in the world.

UTT provides training in terrorist doctrine, historical activity, and modus operandi of Movements and organizations, as well as identifiable behavior for individual terrorists, in order to intercept them when the overt signs – making threats on internet or engaging undercovers – do not reveal the threat.

UTT’s 3-day “Understanding and Investigating the Jihadi Networks” gives local & state police, as well as federal agents proactive investigative techniques and strategies to identify and investigatively target jihadis in their jurisdiction.

This program is similar to the “Understanding and Investigating the Jihadi Networks” course, but highlights how jihadis utilize drug cartels – finances, assets, travel routes, logistics, manpower, techniques etc – to support their jihadi operations, specifically in the United States.  The course emphasizes the Hizbollah influence in the U.S. and how they operate.

UTT’s first responder training program is meant to prepare a variety of first responders for the likelihood of interactions with jihadis in their communities, and how to respond.  This program can be tailored from half a day to a 3-day program similar to the 3-day police program, depending on what the host unit requires.

UTT programs for police SWAT and ERT units, patrol officers, detectives, and others in law enforcement include basic firearms training up to high level tactical programs with advanced scenarios.  Trainers include men who have served in combat with special operations military units, and whose firearms and tactical skills are exceptional and current.  This training is especially important for local, state, and federal SWAT teams who will encounter jihadis in their areas and must understand how their actions will be significantly different from other “terrorists” or threats.

UTT provides health care professionals at all levels specific information to identify and take action in situations where the probability of the growing problem of Female Genital Mutilation is present.

UTT provides prosecutors, judges and their staffs with evidentiary/factual information about threats in their areas, the legal/threat doctrine of jihadis, its relevance related to federal and state codes in the U.S., and an understanding of how this information is critical to America’s judicial system. UTT also trains prosecutors and judges on the contrast of shariah to the U.S. Constitution, as well as federal and state law.  The contrast is startling.

UTT’s 2-day program provides citizens critical skills to communicate the nature of the threat from both the jihadi & the Marxist threat to the local community.

While UTT trains and teaches about a variety of threats, UTT believes it is critical to know and understand the founding principles upon which the law and governmental system of the United States of America were created.  This program can be tailored to be 1 hour up to 1 day.  A portion of this program is a part of UTT’s other programs.

UTT provides junior high, high school, and college students with an understanding of the terrorist threats nationally & locally and gives them tools to speak to others about these threats to educate others and get involved in the solution.  UTT also works with Home-School programs to enhance curricula and provide briefings/presentations.

UTT teaches combat leadership principles as they apply in the non-combat world for leaders at all levels.

UTT consults with companies and their leaders to provide terrorist threats where their offices are located, including predictive analysis in those areas of probable future threats.

UTT provides companies information to help insure companies do not hire likely terrorists who may not be planning on participating in acts of terrorism, but who will work to assist those who are from inside the company.

UTT’s training program for criminal and intelligence analysts details the doctrinal drivers for jihadis domestically and internationally, how that doctrine is used in their war-fighting, and how to understand the enemy’s communications to allow for predictive analysis both strategically and locally.

UTT’s program for Churches is a mix of a number of programs because it provides education and training on the domestic jihadi threat in their area, how to speak about the threat to other Christians, the doctrinal difference between Christianity and Islam, and how to “Love Thy Neighbor” while being “Wise as Serpents.”  UTT can also provide the framework for churches to establish a Security Team, training programs for that team, and Standard Operational Procedures.

This UTT program is a continuation of the Church Educational & Security Programs as listed above.  This program takes the knowledge of Islam and how it operates in the lives of muslims, and provides students the ability to go into situations domestically and overseas to minister to muslims with eyes wide open in the safest way possible.