June 1, 2018

Are UK Officials More Worried About Muslim Rape Gangs OR Those Who Speak About Them

Tommy Robinson has been following, filming and reporting on muslim rape gangs for years.  He was arrested in the United Kingdom (UK) May 25, 2018 for breaching the peace after live-streaming video outside the courtroom of a trial of 26 men and 2 women charged with offenses including rape, trafficking, sexual activity with a child, child neglect, child abduction, supplying drugs and making of indecent images of children.

Robinson founded the English Defense League (EDL), an organization he developed to protect soldiers from violent muslims.  He left this group soon after its development, and is now a reporter and activist.

He exposes information about rape gangs, yet the British government works to silence free speech on the issue out of fear of being labeled “Islamophobic.”

The perpetrators of the UK Rape Gangs are muslims.

The judge in the case ordered a media blackout after Robinson’s arrest.  He is now in prison for 13 months.

Let’s understand the history of rape in Islam.

The Koran states Mohammad is an “exalted standard of character” (68:4) and a “beautiful pattern of conduct” (33:21) for Muslims to follow for all times.

The hadith is the collection of all the practices, sayings and traditions of Mohammad.  The most authoritative hadith scholar in all of Islam is a man named Bukhari, who lived in the 9th century.

Bukhari records Islam’s prophet Mohammad married Aisha when she was 6 years old, and consummated the relationship when Aisha was 9 (Bukhari 3894).

This means it is lawful under sharia for a 60 or 70 year old man to marry a 10 year old, for instance, because of the example of Islam’s Prophet.

Mohammed – the perfect example of a man in Islam – slaughtered two Jewish tribes and the remnants of a third at Khaybar, and instructed Muslims to wage jihad until the world is under Islamic rule.

After the assault on the Jews of Khaybar, Mohammad ordered Kinana bin al-Rabi be tortured until he disclosed the location of the group’s treasure.  A fire was lit on Kinana’s chest to force him to do so, and then Mohammad had him beheaded.  Mohammad then took Kinana’s wife Safiya for his own.  (Life of the Prophet, Ishaq, p. 515)


“We conquered Khaibar, took the captives, and the booty was collected.  Dihya came and said, ‘O Allah’s Prophet! Give me a slave girl from the captives.’ The Prophet said, ‘Go and take any slave girl.’ He took Safiya bint Huyai.”  (Bukhari volume 1, book 8, Hadith 367).


Does this mean taking captives and having sex with a nine year old is “a beautiful pattern of conduct”?

Muslim rape gangs involve teenage girls and girls as young as 9.  These girls are raped, passed around to members of a gang or family, and often sold into sex trafficking.  These girls might also be made to “recruit” other victims.

Today the “rape gangs” are often called “grooming gangs.”

The term “groomed” refers to the different types of coercion that might be used to entice the girls.  Suspects gain the girls’ cooperation by giving them drugs or alcohol, and force drugs on the girls to get them addicted so they will stay around without a fight.

Children can also be lured into a gathering where older men offer them nice things.  Sometimes older men will use young boys to lure female victims to them, and then rape the girls after they are in their control.

Peer on peer abuse is also prolific.  Younger boys will rape younger girls.  Many times victims are told if they don’t cooperate their family members will be harmed and family homes will be torched in an arson attack.  Victims are physically assaulted, and many report being raped by over 20 men at a time.

Suspects will often justify their behavior by saying the young girls are “prostitutes.”


The UK’s official response to this barbarism is to have a media blackout and underreport these crimes by ignoring the fact these assaults are perpetrated by muslims.

In the past, the U.S. response has been to regurgitate the lie that “Islam is a religion of peace” or that “Islam does not condone such behavior,” and work with the very Islamic leaders driving the jihadi network fostering barbaric behavior like child-rape.

Hollywood and the media give the rapists a soft place to land and refuse to speak truth boldly about these and other horrors coming from the Islamic community.  They instead attack those speaking truth by launching ad hominem attacks and invoking “Islamophobia” towards all who dare mention Islam in any way regarding these matters.

“I have been made victorious through terror.” – Mohammed (Bukhari, Vol 4, Book 52, 220)

Tommy Robinson sits in prison in the UK for reporting on Muslim rape gangs.

Will the United States allow the same thing to happen here?  Is it happening already?

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  1. This is also happening in the United States. And JUST like the UK, the mainstream media is keeping as far from from reporting anything of substance as possible. The only info I could find are independent bloggers.



    The one mainstream link I found after a brief search cites Somali gang warfare in Minneapolis, but nothing about why these gangs are bad and what they engage in, i.e. underage prostitution, illegal immigration, welfare fraud, money laundering, drugs, etc. Instead, its a body count of gang member assassinations.

  2. I’ve read a lot about Pakistani Muslim child sex trafficking. I remember Andrew Norfolk, investigative reporter for The Sunday Times (London) reporting on the Rotherham, Yorkshire, UK scandal in 2011:


    When I first read his report, I was encourages that someone was at last paying attention to pernicious Islamic cultural influences (that was 7 YEARS AGO). But just recently I found a follow up comment he made years later and was shocked to realize what I’d missed first time:


    Norfolk still knows zip about Islam!!! Why wasn’t Understanding the Threat, for instance, called in to help the ‘authorities’ figure out what they were dealing with? Are you now being consulted about Somali sex gangs in the US? The only answer I can come up with is explained in the above headline. In my more pessimistic moments, I fear there’s something really diabolical afoot.

  3. The British can’t say they weren’t warned:
    Enoch Powell’s erroneously labeled Rivers of Blood speech 1968:


    A documentary about Enoch Powell:


    Here’s a quote for all of us chastised for warning of dire things to come:
    “Many people say how dare I claim such a horrible thing. How dare I stir up the people…My answer is: I do not have the right (as a parlimentarian) not to.” Enoch Powell

  4. As someone who has been archiving everything about islam/muslims, since 9/11 (websites, video, audio, documents, etc), I’d sadly have to say, that we’re having the wool pulled over our eyes, and “things” are happening behind the curtain, here in the US, where Trump is showing one side of himself, while on the main stage, he’s allowing the show to go on, as like before, with the old boss, but THIS time, very slowly, so we are kept docile, while thinking everything is just fine.
    By fighting “them” over THERE, while over here, he’s gives us such a show of American pride, shaking each of the “actors”, hands (our military), we are kept happy, that Trump is still “Making America Great Again”. So it’s nice to see OTHERS, like me, who have their eyes open, and watching the BIG picture, the “main stage”. It’s sad, to see the proof, like the analogy of the frog in the pot, and the temperature, unlike the full-on boil, that Obummer gave us, has been turned down, so the “frog” (America), is slowly boiled, and not even realizing that it is dying a slow death, until it’s too late, for us “frogs”.
    Thanks to UTT, and others, some Americans ARE awake, instead of many others who see that Trump is at the wheel, everything is fine now, and they can go back to sleep. Better wake up, and smell the coffee! Was THIS really necessary??

    Donald Trump Sends ‘Best Wishes’ to Muslims on Ramadan


    While there’s nothing being done in this country, about the thousands upon thousands that Obummer brought in, except “lip service”, with Trump saying so many positive things about how HE is going to STOP this immigration, but then, just to find out, that Trump’s hands are tied! But then we have the news, that our young children are being taught everything they need to know, to become “real” muslims! The news keeps coming, from another school, in another state, that islam is being pushed on our children! Can’t Trump SAY anything about this?

    And we have nothing being done, about the many muslim training camps in this country, where one of them is in MY state!
    And with all the talk about stopping the flow of muslims coming into this country, and Trump’s hands “being tied”, the flow has been slower, but “they”, are still coming in!
    While the many killings of Americans, albeit one over in that state, and then one a month later, a few in that state, etc…if you put them ALL together, it’d look like a horror show in our country! And put together, all the muslim’s that are taking over city, towns, and state leadership positions, with them taking over city council, running for Congress, being our lawmakers, with even more, being our mayors, cops, our teachers, our judges, lawyers, etc. etc. in all the states in our country….you have another horror show! Can anyone doubt, that we’ll be under Sharia before long? What will Trump do?? Keep fighting “them”, over THERE?? We’re in trouble, my friends!
    And so, I bring together “some” articles, that I’ve been archiving, and hope that people, will finally see, the BIG picture, or at least, part of it.

    Report: Middle East Refugees to Begin Arriving to U.S. from Australia


    Another 16 detainees that Australia refuses to resettle are on their way to four locations in US


    WARNING: Trump’s travel ban expired two weeks ago and the U.S. has begun accepting refugees again from Somalia and 10 other mainly Muslim high-risk nations.


    Tensions Follow Rohingya Refugees to United States ( This website, VOA stands for Voice Of America, and is actually pro-muslim)


    Have no fear, our US House of Representatives, is on the ball, supporting those Rohingya muslims!!

    US House Passes Resolution ‘Condemning Ethnic Cleansing of Rohingya’


    I wonder if they’d feel silly for supporting these Rohingya, if they knew THIS:

    Myanmar: New evidence reveals Rohingya armed group massacred scores in Rakhine State


    And last, but not least…our WONDERFUL WORLD OF US GOVERNMENT!! (At least their “democrats”!! But who’s laughing?)

    Over 90 Muslims in U.S., almost all of them Democrats, are running for public offices this year


    Sorry for the length of the comment, but…any questions? 🙂

  5. Wahlid Shoebat reported on Islamic rape gangs a long time ago in France, Germany, and the Nordic countries. The same thing happens there also. The governments cover up the crimes, and the media won’t report the crimes. If anyone thinks the U.S. media is any better, think again. Will it happen here? It already is. We know that Muslims have killed American citizens in the U.S. and what do we hear from the media? “Officials are trying to determine the motivation of the ‘suspect'”. That’s right, the “suspect”, you know, the guy who was yelling Allah Akbar while running people over in his car or truck. Since Muslims can get away with that here, they can surely get away with rape also. This is the abortion Geo. W. Bush and Wingnut Hussein Obama left for us. Islams rotting corpse is stinking up the room and nobody’s got the guts to say so. Puke!


    When Tommy Robinson’s courageous actions are viewed in the context of Islam’s 14-century war* on Western civilization, as opposed simply to being a draconian quintet of ideological beliefs comprising all facets of: cultural; military; religious; political and social conduct, known collectively as “Islam” (of which both the British Home Secretary and Mayor of London are probably adherents) you will begin to realize, that from the start Tommy has exemplified the epitome of what any male citizen in the West is expected to do in defense of [now thousands] of helpless young girls in the who in the process of being horrified, molested and/or raped by sharia-adherent gangsters could not have possibly protected themselves.

    Furthermore, the politically motivated extra-jurisprudential outrage perpetrated under color-of-law by a rash London judge and resulting in the brutal incarceration of Tommy Robinson, reeks of political malfeasance, criminal collusion, and with respect to kicking sand in the face of the English Barons at Runnymede who in June 1215 forced King John to give his assent to the Magna Charta, transforms the former British Empire (upon which, notwithstanding astrophysics-101, the sun is alleged to have never sat) into an Islamic island of perpetual sharia-adherence.

    Be mindful too, that it is now the Deputy Mayor of London who both appoints and removes the highest ranking members of the city’s Metropolitan Police Service, which presumably includes not only those assigned to field-operations (I.e., the Bobbies) but the entire leadership of Scotland Yard as well. Which with respect to being a stacked-deck-on-stilts regarding any future contentious public-safety issues involving sharia-adherent Muslims, portends not only sequential disasters; but also explains how the Metropolitan Police have been criminally feckless, thus effectively complicit & subject to dismissal, regarding the vey crimes Tommy Robinson was again attempting to expose on behalf of an apparent somnambulant British citizenry when he was subjected to an Orwellian arrest.

    I don’t know Tommy Robinson personally; but I do know what characteristics to look for in a fighter, and his appear to me to be a combination of what one would expect to see in a composite of a United States Marine & a British Royal Marine. Speak out and Help this good man, Brits; he’s the kind of a superb human being who will protect your children even if (God forbid) they’re alone in the dark and forsaken by everybody in the world except their mother.

    *Anyone wishing to have an Arabic-to-English verbatim translation of Islam’s declaration of war on the United States, which was seized from a subterranean basement in Annandale, Virginia in compliance with a federal search warrant by Special Agents of the FBI, in 2004, may do so (for a nominal handling & postage fee) by contacting http://www.securefreedom.org to request: GOVERNMENT EXHIBIT 003-0085 3:04-CR-240-G U.S. v. HLF, et al.

  7. A political prisoner. UK has been lost to Evil it seems. Very sad to see.

  8. Successive governments let these people into the country unasked for many decades now.
    The problem is not recent, it started as soon as they appeared, ie back in the 1950s. It’s just got worse as they get more numerous.
    The Tories want to keep wages down, Lib Lab think they are imporingt votes.

    Now they are in denial about the consequences.
    They won’t do anything to rectify the problem and now they want to stop us bitching on about it too.
    Social media has negated their ability to hide things, now they want control of that too.

  9. Excellent post. These muslim animals must be referred to as Rape Gangs, the word ‘grooming’ is a euphemism, designed to dilute the horror of the crime. England is now a police state, run by a fascist prime minister. Our own intelligence services have colluded with the CIA to bring down president Trump. We have a huge swamp over here that needs draining too.

  10. #FreeTommyRobinson – email, tweet our President Trump …maybe he could be rescue him from being a political prisoner. They (Muslims) will kill him in prison and the guards will let it happen. Save Tommy.

    • I would love to see President Trump bring media attention to the arrest of Tommy Robinson, who has tried to bring light to the Muslim Grooming Gangs operating in the U.K..The extremely disturbing fact is that very young girls were victims, while the information remained silent and the authorities were silencing citizens, disparaging many who made the connections to the doctrine of Islam and protecting what was considered a culture adjustment. After thousands marched in the U.K. chanting his name and asking for his release, the reaction by the leaders aligned with muslim leaders,brotherhood groups, mosques and concerned about threats of major disruptions if” slandered” they pushback on Tommy. Citizens who have no information about the doctrine and assume it is a peaceful, beautiful history for the time being gave their support but are awakening,.
      Easy to understand if they are unaware of the doctrine. The concerned citizens voices were heard but it did not help his situation, as he may have been moved and may be in serious danger..

  11. Great article and great comments. Will have to check in more often.

  12. Britan the home land of the Beatles & a great many other bands back in the day (my days), it is really so
    hard to believe & imagine that is has changed & become a shit hole infested with muslim cockroaches.
    Although we know there is an agenda by the leaders of the UK, it’s so disturbing as well as confusing to
    understand WHY. Why they would turn their backs on their on people for vermon invaders that have
    nothing to offer except Shit-Sharhea, ghetto neighborhoods, crime, and a waste of tax payers money.
    It truly sickens me greatly, and when I hear about the muslims here in US running for governor, and congressman in 52 district (San Diego), I truly hope & pray the American people will not be stupid and
    vote these cockroaches in any kind of office, but I fear they will from what I see out of so many Americans
    willing to welcome them all in, in the name of being humane kindness. Also American people today are weak, gullible, afraid to be called a racist, and so naïve it’s unbelievable. But I guess those people are falling right into the plan that was planned long ago, not many are or have been paying attention to what’s
    going on around them, they’re to busy on their smart phones (texting away), to busy to look up or put the
    phone down for a minute, it’s all part of their plan & almost everyone has fallen right into it. As people are texting away, little by little the muslim invaders are creeping in on us. And no one is noticing or watching.

  13. Tommy Robinson sits in prison in the UK for contempt of court, not for reporting on Muslim rape gangs.

    This action by Tommy and the reaction by the anti-Islam camp does huge damage to our cause. It reinforces the image of us being an extreme right wing, facist, knuckle dragging, stupid, Islamophobic, racist etc. mob.

    We need the attention & the vote of the majority that is unaware of what is going on. Fueling their fear of lawlessness is not going to get us that. The majority of the electorate is unaware of what is going on and does not see the threat. This is obvious from the fact that if they were aware they would vote accordingly.

    Greetings from the Netherlands,

    • Red Bee, while I understand your perspective, I disagree with the idea that bringing Tommy Robinson’s plight to light damages the counter-jihad movement. What is happening in Europe will end in a bloody fight. People like Tommy Robinson are speaking truth in a raw and sometimes rough-around-the-edges way, yet he is generally been on the mark with his assessment of the threat Islam poses and the fact the UK government is acting as an agent of the jihadi movement instead of defending the UK and its subjects.

  14. First, the criminals who commit these crimes should be castrated them imprisoned until they can be deported. Next, the traitors in government who bring them into our countries despite knowing they are animals must be executed for treason, then all their assets confiscated for being part of an organized crime syndicate.

    Finally, ALL muslims must be permanently deported from all Western nations for they are not here to immigrate then assimilate, but to invade and conquer as our governments know. Anyone who denies these facts is a liar, a traitor, or both and should be treated accordingly. In this war either WE will win or THEY will win and WE AND OUR CHILDREN will die or become slaves.

    The question is WHICH DO YOU WANT TO HAPPEN???

  15. Red Bee contempt of court charge is true…..but the contemptible courts did arrest some grooming gangs but silenced the information from the public about the nature of the problem due to religious protection, but they did not get rushed to trial and a jail sentence in one day as the arrest. The media was silenced or was too afraid to speak out. And the government still represses anyone who speaks out about the doctrine of Islamic sharia and follows up with arrest….since they are so afraid of the very people in the grooming gangs and their power and influence in a court room.and the some the potential for jihad terror to erupt due to the large population that only want to live under sharia and but also change the government. Which they have a huge start on that silent mission. I was impressed to read that Tommy has co written a book, is well informed and was looking out for the well being and survival of the country of his birth. At the very least he should be protected from the violent jail population and the power of the moderate muslim authorities who defend sharia.

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