Putting Freedom Back on the Offensive Where it Belongs

Understanding the Threat still needs your help defending ourselves against a crippling attack in the courts. Our enemies came to silence us, but they failed. Yet, UTT still has outstanding legal debts for our courageous attorneys who stood up for liberty against our adversaries.

Lawfare, a jihadi specialty, the use of litigation to suppress truth, was deployed against UTT to bleed us financially and take us off mission. Richard Stanek, the former sheriff in Hennepin County (Minneapolis) sued UTT President John Guandolo and UTT’s parent company and sought over $110 million in damages.

Stanek said in open court he brought this suit forward to silence John Guandolo and shut UTT down.  Stanek’s attorneys, one of whom is one of the nation’s leading fundraisers for Hillary Clinton, made outrageous claims in court about John and UTT, all the while working with board members from Hamas doing business as CAIR who were in court every day of the trial.

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