May 2, 2018

The Crusades are Nothing Like Jihad

One of the most frequent comments members of the Understanding the Threat team hear when presenting information about sharia (Islamic law) and the life of Islam’s prophet Mohammed is:

“What about the Crusades?”

UTT responds with:  “What about the Crusades?  What do you know about them?  When was the first Crusade?  Who ordered it?  Why was the Crusade ordered?”

Generally, the response is a blank look.

Islam’s prophet Mohammad died in 632 AD after waging many battles against non-muslims in the Arabian peninsula.

The armies of Mohammed conquered Jerusalem in 638 AD without any provocation from the pilgrims there.

By 732 AD, the armies of Mohammed were in Gaul (France).  The European armies led by Charles “The Hammer” Martel defeated the Mohammedans, saving the West from yet another unprovoked attacked.

During this time, the Mohammedans conquered Spain which remained under Islamic rule until the Reconquista in 1492.

And so it continued…

Then, after 450 years of unprovoked Islamic attacks into the West, Pope Urban II ordered a Crusade in 1095, in part because of the request for help by Byzantine Emperor Alexius I.

Historical sidenote:  America’s first war after it’s War for Independence was waged against muslims because of their unprovoked attacks on U.S. shipping.  U.S. President Thomas Jefferson ordered the assault on Tripoli (1804) where the Marines won the day and gained the famous line in their hymn “to the shores of Tripoli.”

Islamic law comes from the Koran and the Sunnah (the example of Islam’s prophet Mohammed).  Mohammed – the perfect example of a man in Islam – slaughtered two Jewish tribes and the remnants of a third at Khaybar, and instructed muslims to wage jihad until the world is under Islamic rule.

The Crusades, on the other hand, were a response to 450 years of Islamic attacks into the West.  There is no historical refutation of that fact.

Christian doctrine does not define war as intrinsically evil, but allows for “Just War” as a necessary action to restore just peace.

While there are examples of Crusaders who committed atrocities during the two centuries of the Crusades, they were acting contrary to Christian doctrine and the teachings of Jesus and his Church.


“I have been made victorious through terror.” – Mohammed (Bukhari, Vol 4, Book 52, 220)

“Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you.” –  Jesus  (Matthew 5:44)

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  1. The ignorance of factual history, rather than revisionist history, is appalling.

  2. Good article as far as it goes. One thing that is missing, or as tleast I have missed it, is this.

    Islam is considered a religion and a political construct and a social prescription for odering the lives of all humans.

    Our Ist Amendment seems to include ALL religions under the term “religion.”

    There are evil religions, and Islam is the most prominent of them. Are we Americans to suppose that the Founders of our nation actually thought the religion of Islam warrented the protection of the United States?

    The War with Islam is being lost, partly because most Americans believe that just because Islam is a religion, that it deserves the protection of the nation. And yet, the very basic tenants of Islam declare deathe to all humans who refuse to bow to the dictates of Mohammed speaking for Allah.

    The doctrines of Islam are anathama to the very concept of “freedom” of anyhting, and in fact dictate ‘no freedom of relgion”.

    Islam is the enemy, by its own admission, of every human being on earth. They even clain the Americca is in the “House of War”, and therefor are targets of warfare for Islam.

    Why can we not agree with them on this one item and actually declare war on them?

  3. The author’s lack of historical facts is surprising. She mentions the Battle of Tours in 732, and the victory by the Franks under Charles Martel. She ignores that the primary barrier keeping Islam out of Europe for over 500 years was the Eastern Roman, or Byzantine, Empire. The Arab armies could never get past the barrier of Constantinople, its walls, and the Roman/Byzantine fleet with its Greek Fire. The history of the Empire’s Macedonian Dynasty (867-1056) makes for interesting and valuable reading; also the Komnenian Restoration (1081-1180). The barrier was finally breached in 1204, with the sack of Constantinople by the 4th Crusade. Even though Constantinople was recovered in 1261, the Empire never recovered from the sack and the door was open for Muslim incursions. In 2004, on the 800th anniversary of the taking, Pope John Paul II formally apologized to the Orthodox patriarchs for what the Catholic Church had done.

  4. Frank: you are correct; and we need people like you and UTT to provide us with that correct t perspective!

  5. This is very good, another very good and serious opponent of Islam is Dr Bill Warner.his link here, you can subscribe via the link. Historical evidence of a 1400 year reign of terror, of which the crusades were nothing but a drop in the bucket. Thank you we all have to wake up, I tend to think people put trust in their governments in western society, however you would have to be blind not to see the steady Islamic takeover by simply having their own people attain key roles in government and security as well as the lengths local governments have to reach to protect citizens from being attacked by terrorists , bollards and the like being installed now. Thanks again.

  6. I like your aims but you are being extremely biased and only using certain information to back your claims. The crusaders were terrible at slaughtering, raping pillaging and so forth. These traits are against the christian doctrine but done in its name.
    Again dont get me wrong. Not all crusaders were like this but alot were. I agree we must stop this insidious poisoning of the world by Islam but liberal governments like France, U.S.A. Australia are ignoring this threat and are actually helping it. This will be next bloody war of mankind

    • Luke, if there is something specific you think we should add we are open to it. You state “not all crusaders were like this but a lot were.” Please provide sourced information because you leave people with the impression that most or a majority of crusaders did what they did for personal gain or unholy reasons. Thank you. John Guandolo, President, UTT

  7. There’s got to be more to it than that. What about all the business of spreading the faith, as they’d later do in California (on a much smaller scale)?

  8. Thank you so much for the article, Stephanie. As a Catholic and lover of all History, I am so grateful for your exposure. Yet, billions of people around the world will never see anything other than anti-Catholic, pro-Islam “truth”.

  9. Obviously, Islam is getting an undeserved pass, no matter what. And, we can follow the money that fuels it. Billions from Gorge Soros, and billions of our tax money that Barak Hussein Obama showered on non-profit organizations to become “contractors” for dumping Muslim “refugees” into the U.S. So called “Christians” and their so called “churches” are heavily involved in taking that money. They prove the Bible right (again) about the love of money being the “root of all kinds of evil”. Every time President Trump takes action to stem the tide, some scumbag in a black robe declares it unconstitutional and blocks it. Every time someone says anything true about Islam, that person is vilified falsely. Americans need to turn back to the Biblical God and obey His Word. Americans also need to be prepared to resist Islam at every turn, in every way. Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition.

  10. The big difference between the crusaders and the muslims or islam jhadist, is that the crusaders no longer exist and it was how many years ago? Where as the muslims/islam jhadist still exist today living & terrorizing people cutting heads off, living in the dark ages…. So don’t know how anyone can even bring up that argument it’s just STUPID…. islam is still uncivilized to this day, which is the biggest reason why they DO NOT belong or fit in the western world….

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