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I SEE Something & I am SAYING Something

  SEE SOMETHING SAY SOMETHING.  That’s what John Pistole (TSA Director) and Janet Napolitano (Homeland Security Secretary) tell me everytime I turn around.  They have videos in the airport and signs along the way to guide me.  For all the SAYING going on, you would think these two would actually SEE the threat themselves.   […]

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The Real Victims of the Benghazi Attacks

What is being lost at the Senate Hearings into the attacks on the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi are the real victims – Free Speech, Freedom of Expression, and the Truth. What has become abundantly clear is that the President, the Secretary of State and Ambassador Rice, intentionally lied to the American public about the nature […]

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Why Are We So Shocked?

After the gun battle in the streets around Boston last night, we know the identies and some information about two of the men involved in Monday’s Boston Marathon Bombing. What we know now is that the subjects are both male, one believed to be 26 and one 19, and both are Muslims. They are of […]

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Brennan’s Terrorist Associations, Gross Ignorance, and Lack of Candor Make Him Unfit for Duty as CIA Director

Amid the Administration’s rush to:  apologize for and disregard America’s founding principles; financially and militarily support America’s enemies like Hamas and other Muslim Brotherhood entities (read “Egypt”); embrace noxious regimes like Iran; handle the assassination of the U.S. Ambassador in Benghazi in Carteresque fashion; shrink America’s nuclear capabilities as well as the fighting forces of […]

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