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The Cost of Not Knowing The Enemy

by John D. Guandolo “If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat. If you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will succumb in every battle.” Sun […]

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Afghanistan Crumbles While Secretary of the Navy Tells Sailors Most Pressing Problems include Climate Change and Covid

by John D. Guandolo On Tuesday August 10, 2021, the Secretary of the Navy Carlos Del Toro sent a message to all U.S. Navy sailors telling them the “most pressing challenges” for the U.S. Navy are China, Culture, Climate and Covid. Neither the Global Islamic Movement, the global communist Movement, nor systemic corruption in the […]

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Taliban Resurgence? The U.S. Lost the War in 2004

by John D.Guandolo America lost the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq in 2004 and 2005 respectively because America’s generals, admirals and civilian leaders made an affirmative decision NOT to know the enemy. 100% of the jihadis U.S. and allied troops faced on the battlefields of Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Africa, the Philippines, and on the streets […]

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UTT’s Training Provides Americans the Best Resource for Winning the War

by John D. Guandolo The utter lack of understanding of threats facing America I experienced inside the government in 2002 has continued through today, and will be the undoing of America’s Constitutional Republic unless Patriotic citizens and leaders get educated and trained. UTT is the best resource in America to do just that. In 2006, […]

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Believe What You See

by John D. Guandolo Today, millions of Americans are coming to understand that America’s entire system is corrupted to a staggering degree. Many sense something is wrong, but find it difficult to believe that nearly all of what is happening is coordinated and activated by hostile forces seeking the destruction of the Republic. Two years […]

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The Enemy is On the Move: UTT’s Intel Update

The following is a summary of Understanding the Threat’s assessment of current events, intelligence gathered, and analysis as of today, 8/5/2021: Backdrop *Inside the FBI, Counterintelligence matters are being given a lesser priority than they have ever been to date. As UTT has previously published, it is our professional opinion that the U.S. counterintelligence apparatus […]

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Understand the Enemy’s Modus Operandi or Perish

by John D. Guandolo Whether it is the recent operations to discredit Black Rifle Coffee and Mike Lindell, or any of the numerous previous information operations they have implemented, the adversaries of liberty are running circles around Patriots. Patriots should understand how hostile actors target Patriots, and train yourself and others how to recognize, avoid […]

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It is Worse Than You Think

by John D. Guandolo A friend and colleague who has dedicated years of his life in the counter-jihad effort shared with me this week that he was shocked at just how deeply corrupted the U.S. military leadership is with their anti-American and pro-communist ideology. His revelation came, in part, from reading Lieutenant Colonel Matthew Lohmeier’s […]

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Democrats Sign Letter to SECSTATE to Impose Barbaric Sharia on U.S. Citizens

by John D. Guandolo “Islamophobia” is a term the Global Islamic Movement uses to suppress all criticism of Islam and impose the Islamic Law of Slander on all people. The Islamic Law of Slander (Ghiba) states: “Slander means to mention anything concerning a person (muslim) that he would dislike.” [Um Dat al Salik, Islamic Sacred […]

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Will Americans Willingly Give Up Freedom For A Sense of Security

by John Bennett “Every human being has God-given unalienable rights that no man nor government can take away. No amount of fear created by the government should cause us to believe it is ever right to do so.” America and the world have been dealing with the Chinese coronavirus for quite some time now. Citizens […]

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