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Jihad in Europe on the Rise

by John D. Guandolo Jihad in Europe is happening almost daily, yet U.S. news media seems quiet about most of it. Here is a quick summary of jihadi events in the last 8 days: British MP Sir David Amess was stabbed to death by a Somalian jihadi, Ali Harbi Ali, the son of a former […]

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Al Qaeda, Like the Muslim Brotherhood, Follows Doctrine – Can the West Relate?

by John D. Guandolo On October 6, 2021, Ibrahim Al-Qousi, a senior official for Al Qaeda’s media arm Al-Malahem, warned America new attacks are coming which will be more painful than the 9/11 attacks. See Al-Qousi’s comments here. This follows recent calls by Islamic leaders and Imams across America for U.S. Muslims to prepare for […]

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The Brutal Mindset of Jihadis

by John D. Guandolo “Fight and slay the unbeliever wherever you find them…” Koran 9:5 In nearly 20 years of briefing senior U.S. government officials, state leaders, police, and citizens about the Global Islamic Movement, one of the most difficult concepts for people living in the West to understand is the level of deception and […]

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The Lie About Vetting Afghan “Refugees”

by John D. Guandolo When UTT published the article “Vetting the Unvettable” our hope was that it would help reasonable people see that trusting the federal government with vetting is foolish, and, therefore, trusting the government to vet Afghan “refugees” is equally as foolish. When government agencies or private organizations work to get Afghans out […]

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Patriots Stand For Liberty in Spokane

by Caleb Collier This past Saturday, September 25th, nearly 5,000 Patriots rallied together in downtown Spokane, Washington to promote and defend medical freedom. This was an event designed to bring families together, to network with the likeminded, and to be a united voice in opposition of tyranny. The event featured face painting for the kids, […]

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Marine Battalion Commander Jailed

by John D. Guandolo Marine Lieutenant Colonel Stuart Scheller, the former Commander of School of Infantry East, Advanced Infantry Training Battalion has been thrown in the brig. The U.S. Marine Corps and Scheller’s family confirm his incarceration. Pending charges under the Uniformed Code of Military Justice (UCMJ) include:  Article 88: Contempt toward officials, Article 90: Willfully […]

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UTT Says Goodbye to Angelo Codevilla

by John D. Guandolo Over the weekend of August 20, 2021, Angelo Codevilla died of injuries sustained after he was his by a car driven by a drunk 25 year old woman. Angelo Codevilla was arguably one of the greatest minds in America on what it takes to maintain America’s Constitutional Republic, the role of […]

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These Days It is Impossible to Stick Your Head in the Sand

by Caleb Collier The radical left is coming for your jobs, your children, and your liberties. Government officials and mainstream media propagandists are pushing the agenda that if you’re not vaccinated, then you are a danger to the community. Mandates are now being promoted in certain industries, and the infringement of personal rights is justified […]

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Australia: “The Darkest Place on Earth”

by John D. Guandolo At a private event in Texas this weekend, Katie Hopkins told an audience that Australia is the “darkest place on earth right now.” At UTT, we tend to agree. Those who follow the goings on in Australia, as well as people like Avi Yemini of Rebel News know the tyranny and […]

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