UTT Throwback Thursday: Molly Norris Drew Mohammad – 7 Years Later She Is Still In Hiding

From all accounts, Molly Norris was a politically left-leaning cartoonist in Seattle who thought people just needed to lighten up a bit, and be able to freely express themselves, no matter what the topic. In 2010 Norris suggested a “Everybody Draw Mohammad Day.”  A few days later she received her first death threat from a Muslim. […]

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Al Qaeda & ISIS are Correct About Islam

When the Caliph of the Islamic caliphate, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, says Islam requires all muslims to participate in jihad until sharia is the law of the land, he is correct. Al Qaeda’s co-founder and former emir Osama bin Laden said:  “It is a duty for the Umma with all its categories, men, women and youths, to […]

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