January 14, 2022

Real Communists Intend to Destroy America

by John D. Guandolo

In 1922, Alexander Trachtenberg served the U.S. communist party on the American delegation to the 4th Congress of the COMINTERN (International Communist Party), and made clear the communists intend to bring down the United States.’

From the publication of Communist Manifesto (communist doctrine) to Rules for Radicals, which operationalizes the revolutionary communist Movement in the United States and is dedicated to satan, the communists’ ultimate objective has been unchanged.

Today, Black Lives Matter, created out of the largest Chinese communist organization in America, moves, destroys and kills across the United States as elected officials, police, and federal authorities take knees.

Meanwhile, every component of the U.S. government is polluted with real communists who are taking every action they can to destroy the American Constitutional Republic from within. We see this reflected in federal policies and actions which weaken U.S. sovereignty, undermine our economy and the free market system, destroy individual liberty, erase American history, erode America’s founding principles, and indoctrinate children to be dependent on the government instead of God.

For anyone interested and willing to take the time, there is a massive amount of information about the nature and modus operandi of the U.S. communist Movement, including: declassified FBI investigations, House Un-American Activities Committee investigations, the Mitrokhin files (KGB archivist who defected), decades of testimony from KGB and Communist Party USA (CPUSA) defectors, intercepted Soviet communications, communist organizations public websites, and much more.

Great resources on these topics include: Diana West’s American Betrayal; The Mitrokhin Archive by Christopher Andrew and Vasili Mitrokhin; Cleon Skousen’s The Naked Communist; Whittaker Chambers’ Witness, and Trevor Loudon’s The Enemies Within.

Real communists did not vanish. They have been left untouched since the 1960’s to grow like a cancer inside America. The radicals of the late ’60’s and early ’70’s have become senior government officials ushering in younger communists and growing their influence.

James Comey became the Director of the FBI despite the fact he admitted being a communist in a 2003 New York Magazine article.

Barack Obama was President of the United States despite the fact his mentor, Frank Marshall David, was a CPUSA official and Soviet communist. Mr. Obama surrounded himself and had close personal relationships with communists and subversives, like Bill Ayers. Mr. Obama called himself a “community organizer,” a term lifted right out of Rules for Radicals.

The CIA’s Director, John Brennan, admitted to voting for the communist party candidate for President just prior to entering the CIA.

Today, we bear witness to hard core communists being nominated for Cabinet-level positions, such as Deb Haaland, Interior Secretary, and Saule Omarova, Mr. Biden’s original nominee for Comptroller of the Currency. Omarova is a Soviet communist who is reported to have been awarded The Order of Lenin.

Our colleague Trevor Loudon has put together a significant amount of information about the U.S. communist Movement. A snapshot of communist activities inside the democrat party across the country can be found HERE. Trevor’s list of the 65 most easily identifiable communists in Congress can be found HERE.

When looked at in its totality, the subversion of America by communists appears to be an impossible problem to tackle. Yet, at the local level, communists, jihadis, and their collaborators and supporters can be identified and rooted out if you know how to do it. This takes determination and resolve by Patriots who must decide to put “the normal routine” on hold in order to clean up and save the Republic.

This is why Understanding the Threat (UTT) exists and why UTT focuses its efforts on training citizens and local officials/agencies to identify and flush these hostiles out of the local community/county. It is the best and only way to win this war.

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About JG
John Guandolo is a US Naval Academy graduate, served as an Infantry/Reconnaissance officer in the United States Marines and is a combat veteran, served as a Special Agent in the FBI from 1996-2008, and was recruited out of the FBI by the Department of Defense to conduct strategic analysis of the Islamic threat. He is the President and Founder of Understanding the Threat (UTT).
  1. Great article. It just keeps getting worse doesn’t it? Bleak future indeed as this mess will now take a couple of generations to clean up.

  2. We have the list it is being checked we know whom has been naughty or nice – treason is punished by the death penalty in some cases – those whom have betrayed the USA be so advised we know ! We know ! You will be revealed and your time is over ! No amount of power can hide the reveals they have arrived and will be given to the American people ! Some have started ! Bye bye communist !

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