Peggy Mast joined the State Legislature in Kansas in 1997 because she wanted to make a difference.  She found herself on the Judiciary Committee with very little knowledge or history in criminal law but with a strong desire to learn how to go after bad guys.

It was shortly after September 1, 2001, when she began to learn about the law of Sharia through a Somalian population that moved into her county.  She asked questions about why they carried TB without having to wear masks in pubic as other individuals do.  She learned that special accommodations were available at the work site so they could prepare to worship, and they were allowed to go to prayer while other individuals were not allowed to practice their faith at their work site.  It was then she met a new friend Lisa, who was asking questions of her own.  Lisa had become familiar with Bridgette Gabriel and had invited her to come to Kansas to speak.  Lisa gave Peggy the chance to meet with Bridgette and get her questions answered.

Peggy also met two men who would become fast friends and teach her the hard facts about terrorism.  Her position in government compelled her to want to do everything she could to protect our nation from the infiltration and deception of the ideology’s intent to destroy our nation from within.  With the help of The Center for Security Policy, UTT, ACT for America and many supporters from Kansas, she was able to carry four pieces of legislation that passed and became law despite resistance from those on who were influenced by lobbyists from foreign countries.  All the while Peggy was speaking and educating anyone who would listen; she ran for and received leadership positions in the Kansas House of Representatives.  When she decided to step down after 20 years in the legislature, she was serving as Speaker Pro Tem.  She gladly left the legislature in 2016 but found herself discontented unless she felt she was making a positive difference.

Peggy still carries that drive and that passion to go after those who want to commit acts of terror on our homeland and as they state in their Memorandum “Destroy our house from within by our own laws. “  She never passes up an opportunity to tell others about the threat against our nation and now has the pleasure of working with a great group of very talented individuals who teach and train those who want to become more aware and stand against the enemies from within.  “Understanding the Threat” is the best organization I have ever worked with.  The dedication, talent, and knowledge of John Guandolo and the rest of the team makes this effort one of the most extraordinary and rewarding adventures of my life. “

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