November 5, 2013

New “THIN BLUE LINE PROJECT” Launch Gives Law Enforcement Much-Needed Resource Against Jihadi Threat


A much needed and well produced website entitled “The Thin Blue Line Project” has been launched, giving American Law Enforcement officers a detailed resource to better understanding jihadi operations and the Islamic Movement in the United States, and help them with investigative tools and strategies to keep their communities safe in the face of this growing danger.

Created by the ACT! for America Education, the Thin Blue Line Project intends to be a one-stop shop for American Law Enforcement for the Jihadi Threat.

Using evidence and well-sourced data, the “TBL” as it is being called by cops, intends to be a critical part of all law enforcement officers’ professional development.  Several senior law enforcement officials have specifically stated the information provided by the Thin Blue Line Project is not being taught by the FBI’s Joint Terrorism Task Forces or any of the other usual sources for Terrorism matters, making the TBL an even more valuable resource.

“This information is desperately needed at the state and local level, but most of us are not aware of it.  I am thankful for this resource.  We are going to use it to build out some training programs for our men and women on the street,” said a senior state intelligence official in the southeast.

The mission of the Thin Blue Line Project is to be a one-stop source of information for law enforcement professionals about the Islamist ideology, strategies, tactics, organizations and individuals that pose a clear and present danger to the United States.

The site provides in-depth information about the Muslim Brotherhood Movement, how Americans are being radicalized to commit acts of “terrorism”, the doctrine driving the jihadis, evidence from federal cases detailing the threat and what it means for Americans, and the site provides investigative strategies and suggestions for law enforcement officers.

Most notably, the Thin Blue Line Project provides a forum for local police to discuss cases and information with each other about things they are seeing in their areas releated to the jihadi threat.

This site is for law enforcement officials only – including uniformed and retired officers, state/local prosecutors, federal agents and prosecutors, intelligence officials, and those related to these professions.

Readers are encouraged to make their local and state law enforcement agencies aware of this valuable resource.  It will help keep you and your family safe.

The website for this resource is

Please pass this information on.


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