February 16, 2019

Jihadis Arrested in TEXAS & NY But Moques & Islamic Schools Remain Untouched

This week the FBI arrested Jesus Wilfredo Encarnacion of New York  and Michael Kyle Sewell of Arlington, Texas for conspiring to provide material support to Lashkar e-Tayyiba (“LeT”), a Pakistan-based designated foreign terrorist organization responsible for multiple high-profile attacks.

Like attacks in communities across the United States like Boston, Fort Hood (TX), Little Rock, Fort Lauderdale, Orlando, San Bernadino, and so many others, the violent jihadis, known as “terrorists” under U.S. law, were killed or arrested, but the mosques and Islamic schools which taught and trained them remain standing today.

And it is the same in these recent cases in Texas and New York

Both Jesus Encarnacion and Michael Sewell pledged allegiance to the designated terrorist group LeT on social media.

In November 2008 Let is responsible for attacks in Mumbai that killed 166 people (6 US citizens) and injured more than 300 others. 

A press release from the Department of Justice details Michael Kyle Sewell’s desire to support LeT and its mission by recruiting others.

Jesus Wilfredo Encarnacion  was arrested while preparing to board an overseas flight destined for Pakistan.

Encarnacion went by the alisases Jihadistsoldgier, Jihadinheart, and Lionofthegood, among others.

On 11/1/18 Jihadistsoldgier (Encarnacion) wrote the LeT terrorists on a group chat for American jihadis, “I want to fight till death alongside the Islamic state…I want to be part of a family willing to kill not afraid of death.  I want weapons training.”

Additionally on  11/10/18 Jihadistsoldgier wrote, “I want to fight…I want to execute. I want to behead.”

Since November 2018 Encarnacion repeatedly repeated his desire to join and commit Jihad for LeT on numerous occasions.

Where to people get these ideas about fighting, killing, and beheading non-muslims?

From Islam.

Muslims get these ideas from allah’s divine law – sharia – which comes from the Koran and the Sunnah, which is the example of Islam’s prophet and “perfect man” Mohammad.

All authoritative sharia (Islamic law) mandates warfare against non-Muslims until the world is under Islamic rule (sharia).

This is taught to children in Islamic schools and mosques in Arlington, Texas, New York, and all over the United States.

This is also taught at Al Azhar University in Egypt, the oldest and most prestigious school of Islamic jurisprudence on the planet.

This is also what the Muslim Brotherhood By-Laws and doctrine states, and this is what is propagated by Muslim Brotherhood organizations across America like the Muslim Students Associations, The Islamic Society of North America and its subsidiaries like the Islamic Society of Arlington (TX), and the North American Islamic Trust which is the bank for the Muslim Brotherhood and which owns properties all over Texas and New York.

But authorities, once again, are not looking at root causes. They are using terms like “lone wolves” – a term which does not exist in Islamic Law – and talking about “radicals” and “extremists.”

Did Islam’s prophet command muslims to wage war against non-muslims until allah’s divine law is the law of the land?


Did Islam’s prophet participate in beheading up to 900 Jews after the Battle of the Trench?


These behaviors are commended to muslims because Mohammad did them.

Jesus Wilfredo Encarnacion  and Michael Sewell understand this and are simply doing what Islam commands.

Here is the challenge for all local, state, and federal leaders who are under the misguided impression this behavior “has nothing to do with Islam”:

Please produce one 7th grade Islamic text book which teaches about Islam that states there is a different version of Islam.

Please produce one authoritative book of Islamic Law which states muslims are not required to wage war against non-muslims until sharia is the law of the land.

The mosques and Islamic schools in our neighborhoods are the gardens in which terrorists are being grown up.

This is where the effort by law enforcement must focus if we are to keep our communities safe.

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