The Mission

Understanding the Threat provides threat-focused strategic and operational consultation, training, and education for federal, state, and local leadership and agencies in government, the private sector, and for private citizens. While UTT briefs and teaches about many of the threats external and internal to the United States, its primary concern is the threats to the Republic and the West in general from the Global Islamic Movement.

Raising a Jihadi Generation

John Guandolo

Raising_Jihadi_Gen_PromoRaising a Jihadi Generation
by John Guandolo is the first book of its kind to examine the history, writings, and practical implementation of the Muslim Brotherhood’s strategic plan to overthrow the United States, and the impact of that plan on a local level on the security of every American. The book focuses on tools for professionals in the law enforcement, intelligence, and military communities, who need to understand that the Muslim Brotherhood in America prepares the ground for, supports, and facilitates jihadi operations. Once the information provided in this handbook is understood, it necessarily gives security and intelligence professionals a factual basis to address the enemy, changes what constitutes reasonable suspicion/ probable cause, and transforms how this threat is approached and addresses. It is our hope you will study and learn from its contents.

What are they saying?

"John Guandolo is a national treasure. He is courageously crisscrossing America sounding the alarm about the realities of the most significant threat to the nation today... Every citizen in this country should hear what he has to say."

Joint statement signed by Lieutenant General William G. "Jerry" Boykin (U.S. Army, retired), Deputy Under Secretary of Defense for Intelligence (2003-2007); The Honorable Joseph E. Schmitz, Inspector General, DoD (2002-2005); Lieutenant General Harry “Ed” Soyster (U.S. Army, retired), Director, Defense Intelligence Agency (1988-1991); and R. James Woolsey, Director, Central Intelligence (1993-1995)

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