July 26, 2018

DID YOU KNOW? Christians are the most persecuted religion in the world!

DID YOU KNOW? Christians are the most persecuted religion in the world!


1 in 12 CHRISTIANS EXPERIENCE PERSECUTION including death, rape, imprisonment, loss of property, forced marriage, separation from family and physical violence.


255 Christians are killed

104 are abducted

66 churches are attacked



180 Christian women are  raped, sexually harassed or forced into marriage



In the 1970’s, there was a small group of Jews who very quietly became a campaign to assist the oppressed Jews to immigrate out of the USSR.  Their effort was simple but effective. They distributed simple signs that read “Save the soviet Jews,” to be displayed outside churches and synagogues across America.  This simple movement has been credited as a powerful political movement and catalyst for the policy changes that contributed to the end the USSR.

SAVE THE PERSECUTED CHRISTIANS is a similar movement in America to raise the general awareness of our Christian brothers and sisters around the world that need our support, comfort and prayers. (savethepersecutedchristians.org)  On their website they have simple ways that you can support their efforts.









Religious liberty is at the very core of human dignity. Every human being has an innate desire to know what is real or true!  This quest for truth forms the foundation of the fabric of society. This quest for truth weaves what our beliefs into how we live our lives together.  Humans understand that this weaving process comes from the quest for truth that empowers each person toward their greater personal destiny and unites mankind into the basic units of society. Included in this discovery is the human quest for a higher power found in truth beyond the normal human experience on which to build a better life for themselves.  This truth has been embodied into various expressions of “God.” Religious liberty becomes a basic human right because it points to each individual’s right of spiritual self-discovery and expression. Therefore, the expression of that discovery is an imperative that is forever linked to that discovery.  Without freedom of speech, freedom of religion will soon be lost. At the same time, no religion should have the authority to limit another person’s freedom of self-discovery by imposing their beliefs on others within the community.

Religious intolerance proceeds from blindness to our shared fellowship in the quest for the Ultimate Truth.  It is acted upon as a result of insecurity in the value of their own expression. Religion will rise and fall on its’ own merits not by the strength or violence of its’ adherence.  Intolerance is a sign of uncertainty.  In the practical application of life, religion bears its’ own fruit.  When the basic tenets of that religion are practiced and lived in the practical everyday life of individuals, then the basic principle of “life and death” will provide proof of its’ value.  The practice of basic religious beliefs creates the crucible of practicality.  If it produces a higher quality of life for the person then that person is compelled to pursue it.  If it does not, they should discard it and seek a greater enlightenment.

It is in this culture of life that each individual can reach his own conclusion of truth.  The culture of freedom and self-discovery will allow the ultimate truth to surface and find its’ full potential and expression.  The right to pursue this truth demands respect and protection within the fabric of society because this self-discovery is at the very heart of being human and is the very definition of FREEDOM.

In 1998 the Congress passed the International Religious Freedom Act which codifies our commitment to religious around the world. This year the State Department under Secretary Pompeo and taken this issue to the front of the world stage! Already we are seeing people’s lives changing.  Just this week we have seen Pastor Andrew Brunson released from a prison in Turkey. Of the top 50 countries sited by the organization called Save the Persecuted Christians for religious persecution, 46 are in the Muslim world.

What can you do to raise awareness of the persecution Christians?

It is imperative that we in the United States Understands the Threat of Islam and the dangers it holds for all that love and pursue their personal journey of faith.

This is why we must defend our way of life for America and the West. This is why we fight.

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  1. The Truth becomes self evident upon our journey in life. The conviction of ones repeated actions tells the Truth not what they will say to deceive.
    The battle between good and evil continues.


    When the superlative adjective “most” is associated with anything evil, the fundamental reason is invariably threaded to a lack of effective leadership, which for better or worse thus must be explored. Thence, if found to be insipid and weak by virtue of having embraced — and/or fomented further — the lethal scam of “political correctness” or the demonstrably suicidal nonsense of turning the other cheek, TAUGHT TO STAND-UP AND FIGHT, for their loved ones, and with respect to the United States, for a country at war*.

    Too, and above all, instead of dancing around the tulips instead of putting a name on the contextually relevant persecutors UTT’s foregoing thesis is talking about, vis-a-vis Christians, call them what they are and have been for the last 14-centuries, I.e., SHARIA-ADHERENT JIHADIST MUSLIMS who were enabled to surreptitiously embed themselves in the country by self-serving political quislings questing for oil and money.

    Furthermore, the gang of anarchical frauds complicit in the on-going plot to destroy the American presidency based on a bogus 30-page dossier of bought-and-paid-for pornographic filth, together with looney-tune accusations involving a country which twenty-seven years ago ceased to exist, have now — effectively forever — trashed the heretofore sacrosanct U.S. legal concepts of equal justice under the law and attorney- client privileges. I.e., like the cucumber-pickle analogy, though it is virtually impossible to predict the precise moment when a cucumber immersed in brine will turn into a pickle, one can assert with absolute confidence that said pickle can never go back to being a cucumber.

    *Anyone wishing to acquaint the leader of their church with UTT’s litany of foregoing facts, which the fake news conglomerate simply will not report, I.e., to thus remind them that they have an obligation to enlighten their respective congregations regarding the relevant horrors their brethren are suffering worldwide, may order (for a nominal handling & postage fee) an Arabic-to-English personal translated copy of Islam’s declaration of war on the United States, the original of which was seized from a subterranean basement in Annandale, Virginia by Special Agents of the FBI, in 2004, by contacting http://www.securefreedom.org to request GOVERNMENT EXHIBIT 003-0085 3:04-CR-240-G U.S. v. HLF, et al.

  3. Donald:
    I am not a word smith and do not have a advanced education.
    That said my I make a suggestion?
    You brought up many good points but excess verbiage and word play distracted from you good intentions.
    Many lacking reading skills (thanks to our failed educational system) will have difficulty understanding what you wrote.
    Which is a shame because they need to know. Just a thought. I struggle with my own shortcomings.

  4. Is there any chance you could send this article to our Holy Father in Rome, who, much to my amazement, always wants us to be tolerant, but who has never mentioned this? How much of a difference it might make if he spoke out forcefully and repeatedly about this.

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