March 26, 2020

Is Coronavirus a Chinese Biological Attack?

Written by John D. Guandolo

“The first rule of unrestricted warfare is that there are no rules, with nothing forbidden.”

Qiao Liang, co-author of China’s “Unrestricted Warfare

As the coronavirus epidemic began growing, several things raised red flags for me. As I put the pieces of this puzzle to paper and digested it, I realized there are a number of indicators the virus, which is now a pandemic, may be an intentional weapon being used by the communist Chinese regime against the United States.

Let’s begin with a timeline of the key events in the coronavirus outbreak:

12/31/19: China alerts the World Health Organization (WHO) of an outbreak of “unusual” cases of pneumonia centered in the city of Wuhan – the location of a Chinese biological weapons research laboratory.

1/07/20: China announces they identified the virus as a coronavirus and named it coronavirus 19 or COVID-19.

1/23/20: China placed Wuhan under quarantine. The WHO announced they have “no evidence” the virus was spreading outside of China and the outbreak did not constitute a public emergency.

1/30/20: WHO declared the coronavirus outbreak a “global emergency.”

2/02/20: The United States bans foreign nationals traveling from China into the U.S. and quarantines arriving U.S. citizens from China for 14 days.

2/26/20: WHO reports global cases of COVID-19 exceed 80,000 infected and over 2,800 deaths.

3/11/20: WHO declares COVID-19 a “pandemic.”

3/13/20: President Trump declares a national emergency.

3/22/20: Global COVID-19 numbers reach over 311,000 infected and over 13,000 dead.

Now let’s review the above timeline in light of other events.

1. During the summer and fall of 2019, President Trump moved swiftly and harshly against the communist Chinese regime by imposing tariffs and trade restriction.

2. On October 18, 2019, Johns Hopkins hosted a “Pandemic Simulation Exercise” dubbed “Event 201” in which the pandemic involved an outbreak of…coronavirus.

The Johns Hopkins event was primarily funded by the Bloomberg School of Public Health, named after former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg who donated $3 billion to John’s Hopkins. The event was also sponsored by the World Economic Forum and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

“Prominent individuals from global business, government and public health…tasked with leading the policy response” in this exercise included:

Sofia Borges, the UN Foundation’s Senior Vice President who serves as the “chief liaison with United Nations leadership and the diplomatic community.”

George Fu Gao, the Director-General of the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention, and a professor at the Institute of Microbiology, Chinese Academy of Sciences.

Avril Haines, President Obama’s Principal National Security Advisor and the Deputy Director of the CIA under Mr. Obama.

What are the chances George Fu Gao is not an agent of the Chinese government?

3. The primary virus models relied upon by U.S. leaders to make decisions regarding the response to the COVID-19 outbreak is COVID ACT NOW. According to an investigative piece in the Federalist, the “founders of (COVID Act Now) include Democratic Rep. Jonathan Kreiss-Tomkins and three Silicon Valley tech workers and Democratic activists — Zachary Rosen, Max Henderson, and Igor Kofman — who are all also donors to various Democratic campaigns and political organizations since 2016.”

COVID Act Now’s predictions about the spread of coronavirus have generally been inaccurate. UTT assesses the intended purpose of COVID Act Now is to drive state and federal response actions to COVID-19 to harm the United States economically and to normalize statist control and destroy individual liberty.

4. On December 18, 2019, the U.S. House of Representatives voted to Impeach President Trump. Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi held the Articles of Impeachment until February 5, 2020.

5. On January 28, 2020, the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) announced that on December 10, 2019 federal agents arrested Dr. Charles Lieber, the Chair of Harvard University’s Chemistry and Chemical Biology Department, and two Chinese nationals, and charged them all in connection with aiding the People’s Republic of China.

Specifically, DOJ stated, beginning in 2011, Dr. Lieber became a “Strategic Scientist” at Wuhan University of Technology (WUT) in China and was being paid a significant amount of money by the communist Chinese regime.

Additionally, the two Chinese nationals arrested along with Dr. Lieber were Yanqing Ye, a Lieutenant in the Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) and member of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), and Zaosong Zheng, who stole 21 vials of biological research from Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston and attempted to smuggle them out of the United States aboard a flight destined for China.

6. On February 5, 2020, as a part of an ongoing coup against the President of the United States by the democrat party, the U.S. Senate acquitted the President. Following that, and week’s of pushing for a conviction, all coup efforts failed. It should be noted that in UTT’s assessment the national democrat party operates as the Marxist Party of America, with many democrat members having direct ties to communist/socialist organizations and communist leaders across the globe, including communist China (eg Representative Ayanna Pressley from Massachusetts).

The timing of this virus is striking and cannot be ignored.

7. On March 7, 2020, President Trump was set up to be exposed to the coronavirus when he met with Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro, whose Communications Secretary Fabio Wajngarten tested positive for COVID-19 five days after this meeting.

8. Communist China’s “Unrestricted Warfare” lays out the unconventional ways to wage war against the United States, and this type of biological attack – if that is what the coronavirus outbreak is – the propaganda that continues, and the ongoing effort by communist elements in the United States to support it is consistent with Chinese war-fighting doctrine.

9. The UN, the WHO, the U.S. media (and foreign media), and the national democrat party have all fallen in line with the communist Chinese propaganda efforts, and are overtly defending the Chinese against President Trump’s use of the term “Chinese virus” to describe the pandemic, despite the fact this virus originated in Wuhan, China.

There is evidence Mr. Trump is aware this may be a Chinese attack. His swift and, as some believe, his overzealous response to this pandemic to shut the nation down, indicates there may be or have been a concern of a follow on biological attack or a real fear of the unknown nature of this virus.

Additionally, the U.S. launched a counter-propaganda effort to combat communist China’s coronavirus propaganda which pushes blame for the outbreak on the United States.

For the average American patriot, here is a key takeaway: the actions of the democrat party in the United States, to include their direct aiding and abetting of domestic and foreign communists against the interests of the United States, creates opportunities for our enemies at many levels of our society and constitutes an immediate and ongoing threat to our Republic.

Whether or not the coronavirus outbreak was an intentional biological attack by communist China, or China is taking advantage of the outbreak against the U.S., or the events detailed in this article are just a string of coincidences, the existence of an extensive and growing communist network inside the United States presents a real threat to the Republic and must be dealt with as swiftly as we must deal with the Islamic threat.

A red team assessment of the coronavirus outbreak and congressional hearings on communist activities in America are warranted and needed.

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About JG
John Guandolo is a US Naval Academy graduate, served as an Infantry/Reconnaissance officer in the United States Marines and is a combat veteran, served as a Special Agent in the FBI from 1996-2008, and was recruited out of the FBI by the Department of Defense to conduct strategic analysis of the Islamic threat. He is the President and Founder of Understanding the Threat (UTT).
  1. Who made huge money shorting(selling) the stock market? Inside info? Chinese and other anti- America’s?

  2. Frank Costantini March 26, 2020 at 3:02 pm Reply

    Thank you for you analysis and looking at the bigger picture of the situation, John.
    You and your team are Patriots!

  3. I don’t believe in strings of coincidences

  4. Absolutely Excellent! Please barrage with as much info as possible!

  5. i would put it past some in the dem party to try something like this …..the pres has rained on the chinese parade and they dont like it and some in the dem party does not want the flow of money to stop God Bless the USA i hope we get to the bottom of this and heads roll

  6. Thank you for this enlightening information. It reinforces a lot of the information I have read on the Intercessors For America website. Praise God we have a President who is acting swiftly and I pray it will be snuffed out and not repeat itself. May God have Mercy on all of us here in the USA and the affected continents.

  7. thisn fits with what i have been hearing

    • I agree with the investigative report,as I have also been following other details in the Epoch Times & their serialized report on “How the Spector of Communism is Ruling Our World”; from the ” Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party”. Somehow as this was breaking out, I just had the feeling that we were under attach. As more evidence is being revealed; its seems this is indeed the case. But the question is: How do we plan ahead & protect ourselves, communities & Country? May God & the Saints help us.
      John, as a Vet, keep up your great work.

  8. I believe that this virus was developed and released on the Chinese people to curtail the growing dissent and unrest. After that is phase two which was to spread the virus by lying and covering up the nature of the outbreak of their epidemic.

    Combined with the “woke” and Chinese sycophants in the Democratic party and willing accomplices in the news media has created a perfect storm to disrupt the US economy.

    We are in my estimation in a defacto state of war with China. You combine all that with China’s threat to withhold critical medical supplies to the USA.

    We need to crush China in every way possible. If I had my druthers, I would park 6 nuclear missile submarines along the coast of China, start constant B2 bomber patrols and set our defense posture to DEFCON 3.

  9. I concur overt attacks against Trump evident.
    Arrest the complicit democrat members.

  10. Remember Hong Kong❤s USA on timeline

  11. I do believe Chinese staged this attack, and the lunitic liberals helped them in every way.

  12. The intelligence and vigilance portrayed in this article give me hope. Too often, we who sit behind these screens, reading, thinking and drawing conclusions feel alone and fearful that those who could possibly change the outcome aren’t paying attention. But you are! Sane analysis is so precious after what we are bombarded with daily by the Marxist Media, shall I call it. Grateful.

  13. Excellently written!

  14. What do you have on the Chinese person who worked with another American university, and then traveled back to China with a sample. That same person has disappeared.

  15. Steven L. Dawson March 27, 2020 at 4:06 pm Reply

    Your logic should not be ignored !

    • COVID19 has all of the classis sings of a hardened Biological agent, engineered and created in a laboratory.

      • That is exactly my conclusion too. It has all the earmarks of a bioweapon, notably the incubation period and its rapid mutation. Couple that with the behavior of the CCP and their stooge WHO, it is very difficult for me to believe this was an accident.

  16. Coincidence is NOT a Kosher word! 😊

  17. Excellent timeline and associated insights

  18. Thank you John.

  19. Good summary but many facts about its true origins remains murky. What date was actual first case ? Reports put it at Dec 2 2019 vs Chinese revelations China claims it started in a seafood market then later denies it. Wuhan virology center and center for advanced bio research adjacent facilities key issue is how China could so rapidly test for a corona virus they deem a zoonotic mystery— what pathogen did they screen for? There is ample reason to also consider a leak from the Wuhan lab that triggered the disease. China should not get naming rights if evidence emerges this is designed as a nonkinetic disabling pathogen to destabilize western nations and offset Chinese trade and tariff damages

  20. I wonder if this virus and others like it in the Chinese lab can survive a series of nuclear attacks.

  21. We should have an investigation into this! I have a strong feeling that this is true. This is an act of war to our people and country.

  22. CIA should investigate that. I’ve always felt that the Covid-19 was an act of war against the US.

  23. I believe it to be so , too many things point to it being so. Needs to be addressed!


    • This and Kim Jong Un’s ‘Christmas gift’ has been reeling in my mind for quite awhile. Thinking China and North Korea have released their bio-weapon strategically.

  25. Mario Gabriel Jr. March 29, 2020 at 1:15 pm Reply

    As far fetched as it sounds, that thought alone should make this a potential possibility and not a fantasy. Every event listed has taken place. The only possibility missing is the visible relationship between events from beginning to end. After all, the existence of unidentified flying objects was recently knowledges after years and years past of denial.

  26. OPINION:

    In view of the Wuhan, China origin of the coronavirus, the mathematical data relevant to an anatomical-science quest to flatten a curve which prior to now did not exist, could result in a deviously programmed manifestation of “flattening” while in fact the trajectory was transitioning toward a verticle profile on course as it soared ever higher to our literal annihilation at “Armegeddon”, so BEWARE!

    So what now? Should we turn to Nancy Pelosi and her U.S. Constitution wrecking-crew of the forty-nine other Marxists in the Congress for advice; or perhaps check with the jihadi Muslims with whom the country is demonstrably at war*, who have also wormed their way into the legislative branch of our government; or what about giving the unindicted Senator of New York a call, who recently garnered a mini-mob of deranged infanticide advocates to hide behind as he effectively snarled subtle threats to the lives of two justices of the U.S. Supreme Court, and by extension to the lives of their families, while standing on the court steps across the street from the U.S. Capitol building.

    Or should we finally stand-up to said anarchic criminals by calling for the long overdue deployment by the Attorney General of the “Red Team” UTT recommends, and a concomitant presidential response as well to Islam’s declaration of war* on Western civilization which was seized in accord with a federal search warrant by special agents of the FBI from a subterranean basement in Annandale, Va USA in 2004; (personal Arabic-to-English translated verbatim copies of which are available, for a nominal handling & postage fee, by contacting to request: GOVERNMENT EXHIBIT 003-0085 3:04-CR-240-G U.S. v. HLF, et al.

  27. Jordan Montgomery Lewis March 30, 2020 at 12:10 am Reply

    I live in Dallas and would appreciate the opportunity to connect regarding some of the items discussed above.

  28. Biological attack from within by it’s own chinese communist government ? I see some of the reasons, however to inflict it upon itself makes no sense, they suffered it first and maybe in the panic of attacking it’s problem, informing the United States was low end concern, they always have to save face…it started in China and it was done internally by a released virus either by a careless release or a revenge attack by a foreign group that was concerned about the treatment of the growing muslim chinese. I thought I read China had a problem with the Quran or mosques and has tried to contain it. Something about sending a virus from Winnepeg lab (Canada has accepted returning Isis fighters )to Wuhan. Why was it sent and by whom, or was it taken by an internal chinese muslim to spread as revenge.? Muslims align with communists /socialist but for how long? Maybe until they gain control? The image of China was a concern and they did eventually explain and inform. Just like in the U.S.. we have people here in office who are a concern that can cause mischief. If they tried to infect Trump they failed ,thank goodness. The Chinese would be kaffar…to Islam. Maybe China has an infiltration internal seditious movement unnoticed sound familiar? Once in it is difficult to remove or fight as it denies itself, the use of deception has always been it’s strength to spread. This is just a rare time I am not sure we were attacked by china unless indirectly.

  29. Event 201

  30. It would be interesting or important to know who worked that Wuhan lab In China, that recieved the sample virus from Winnepeg lab. As scientists work in labs and may have had a “diversity candidate” similiar to other countries, may have had a muslim scientist who also be highly educated, who may have decided on a jihad to disrupt any relationship with the U.S. the entire world or just as a revenge for political reasons. It is a nightmare scenario that could occur in any country. Such as a Dr. on a military base could also do harm such as Fort Hood. Or someone too close to military weapons on ships or knowing too much about our defenses. Since the virus may have been twicked to not allow human antiboties to stop the infection, I see no reason to think, althought everything seems think it was the Chinese government, they would release it as a death wish come true and expose their own country to a virus I don’t see China this brutal. or reckless. But I can consider someone not submitting who decided this weapon could travel the world as if a perfect storm and no one would suspect the perp. Althought China government can be totolitarian, brutal, this would be a self ending experience and not to many would be capable of such action….but a bad actor…..from the religion of peace. We have seen many situations already with fingerprints but somehow no motive. The individual who release this virus had motive, a very bad motive. What John listed is also possible, but China has no motive to destroy itself.

  31. I am British and so I suppose I see the world differently to you guy. Firstly, no matter how loosely you define the definition Marxist none of the people you cite could defined as such. Now just ask yourself if the Chinese constructed Covina-19 then why make the delivery creation so difficult. Why use animals in this process ? More importantly why create a payload that has a low r ratio and targets everyone. Surely a virus that targets a group or groups of people and delivers a payload with a mortality rate of 60r rather than the current 3 would be much more preferable? I can assure you that this is certainly possible and many countries including yours and china already have them in their arsenal’s. How do I know this? I am a virologist. The USA and the UK are really sick not with a virus but with a hegemony that restricts free thought. Good luck with finding the culprit. my money is on the bat ! Thanks

    • Ian, while I appreciate that you are virologist, what this article focuses on is not COVID but on how our enemies are using it to advance their efforts against the United States. The Political Warfare being brought against the United States by the Marxist and Islamic Movements is well coordinated and the Chinese, Turks, and others are eating our lunch. UTT understands COVID represents a real danger to Americans, but that does not change the fact of how enemies of the U.S. are using us to bring us down.

  32. […] variation on #4, the ChiComs purposely (and cynically) released the bio-weapon to their own population to mask their real intention, which was to destroy the world economy (they could easily sacrifice a few Chinese toward that […]

  33. Here are some facts to add to this: tests done in California are showing that 30% of the people have an immunity to this virus. What does this mean? It means the virus had to have showed up there in Nov., of 2019, not in Jan. Back in Nov., strange cases of a” pneumonia like virus” began showing up there. Older people died, underlying causes were to blame in some of these deaths, of younger patients. If this is true, was the virus first planted in California, then somehow got loose later in China? Remember your news source in China, do you think they always tell you the truth? They are pissed at the USA, that is a given. How many of these bugs, are sitting on the shelf, ready to be turned loose, when the need arises, our country included?

    The numbers of death due to Covid in this country, is also incorrect. Why is it, that heart attack, cancer, pneumonia, and other disease deaths, have gone down in this time frame? Most of these people were going to die from their disease anyway, they just happened to have Covid at the time, so the death was blamed on Covid. I’m not saying the disease is insignificant, but the news media marches to it’s own beat, that being on the liberal side. The Dems know they can’t beat Trump at the ballot box, so they will tweak any circumstance, to fit their agenda. I’m not saying they orchestrated this virus, they are just using it to their advantage.

    It’s the East against the West, which is Biblical as well, all spelled out for anyone to read. I don’t know all the answers, only passing on what I have heard on the news, which everyone needs to pick their source carefully, most have their own agenda.

  34. John, What about the media? they are obviously anti American, I am wondering if they too have been infiltrated or even taken over by communists. Their full time Trump bashing and ultra far left reporting would seem to indicate this.

    • we are deeply & thoroughly infiltrated; they got a hold of our school system decades ago. so now we have generations of trained indoctinees, home-grown.

  35. Perhaps the media aligns with the leftist dems ( as it clearly has for year been protected, apparently never giving thought to previewing the quran and sharia laws) and their seemingly unawareness of the muslim brothers connections to the global islamic movement , that has it own banks and money from the abroad that builds mosques, and acts the friendly face of Islam in coordination from wealthy countries such as S.A, Qatar that may have invested in politicians persuading that Islam is peaceful and that ‘global islamic terror has nothing to do with Islam. You really do have to wonder how they miss the pattern, or the doctrine that requires penalties if the goals of Islam from the Quran to replace the all world governments with Islam if the words of the Quran are omitted which is a silencing of doctinal information, required by sharia to maintain a pleasant face while funding that tactics of terror. They are described as strategic and have plans nearly enacted that take years to achieve. Without accurate information that is not difficult to read, various websites to understand the words from the Quran. The information wall of the false narrative has been successful in it’s deception enhanced or further protected by punishments, threats and lawsuits, and engaging with the population to aid any social grievence. One of the biggest and blantant issues occurring without understanding , is using the Quran to be sworn into public office, unaware of the words from the Quran to subdue and fight kaffar which is any non- muslim and make Islam a world government, replacing the Constitution with new laws easily achieved after mass migration and organizational support to achieve their conquest and never allow the dawah to be contradicted by the verses of jihad that may be used to acheive submission or sometimes revenge.

  36. […] UTT previously reported here and here the Marxist-Communist Movement in the United States is using the Chinese COVID-19 pandemic […]

    • There is zero doubt the COVID-19 virus is a ongoing biological attack on the USA – in this case it has been used to expose weakness we have – also to send a message that those involved will do whatever it takes to get what they want. We’re at war with China , Putin is at war with himself thereby creating chaos. The underlying hate threat is Islam and various groups – America needs to dispel the political people whom have committed treason .

  37. Virus the virus is one restricter being used and yes I believe it was brought here via lab – my personal believes lend itself to China and Iran – Iran fumbled before weaponizing it. They attacked Italy with the virus and ( tried to render setaf – Africom a death blow ) it failed however I believe lab fresh virus is still being spread by operatives against this country in states where the president needs ti win the election. I further believe we have politicians and others in the government whom have committed treason . We’re in a state of war now – with communist

  38. China is a communist or socialist country and a supplier of products around the world, after our don’t worry of the effects on our citizens losing jobs in coordination with the unions power over our supply economy. Back when continous benefits allowed unions power the solution seem to trigger a move to china to survive and allowed our intellectual products to be sent to china by a previous liberal administration starting in the Clinton era, it had a low cost effect on many of American purchases and also intoduced the benefits of production for profit to China. That said I don’t know how long muslims were in China but the population grew to around a million Ughars muslims that after a few terror attacks in China the President Chei of China decided to stop the influence and demand they be more Chinese and follow it’s culture. Also remember Muslims promote education in the sciences….and this is why I think someone ended up in a lab in China and may have followed thru with a China muslim jihad and may have released the viurs to fight against the Chinese President and his move to stop muslim influence and new Muslim influence.This would make China look bad for his muslim suppression due to the threat of Islam’s influence and threats to their society stability,so in the beginning it may have caused a panic in China to hide this situation and deal with this virus spreading in it’s own country and as things go it went out of control and did bring the spotlight to China again as a threat communist enemy that seemed to be a country most myself included suddenly didn’t worry about as much or didn’t understand Communism.This is my conclusion because it seemed China could have been an evolving country that was getting western but also saw a threat building as it does in every country it settles, builds madrasses and motivates internal revolution thru dawah and jihad.What happened in China is happening here with settlements, mosques and influence but Chi saw it clearly as a threat and now it may have ended a change back to a threat again as they tried to hide the situation and less appearence of a country getting westernized, a perfect ending for the muslim bring shame to China and strained relations with the United States. Before Covid 19, I had no idea the extent of influence or concernation Islam created in China did not know it existed. It is just my analysis of events it was seen as a threat of a second government such as sharia law in China and America had a left open door policy that is a threat to America not quickly noticed nor understood. In my opinion.

  39. Also there are communist that are openly saying America is being infected at the rate of 700,000 people a day – so they are on board with China in my view – that math would mean there no hope with covid19 – I would like to think 700,000 people a day in America are not being infected – former fda director under Obama – or Barry sortero depending on what country he is in .

  40. The Islamists are getting voted into office by the leftists/marxists/liberal uninformed, who think socialism is the way to go, Islamist will support the leftist candidates and they will take their oath of office on a Quran, which are the laws of sharia and laws that have special military groups called jihadist. AS we know here we now have a population that is a problem as left leaning socialists, some marxists are in universities, and support Islam as a peaceful religion when it arrives it remains in settlements or communities as it moves into all states and grows expotentially. Then it as they claim turn a “complete way of life” and follow sharia and sudden demands and conflicts arise. We all know 9/11 but few know why…it was a fatwah and that started for the few who understood the doctrine it was an annoucement of war against the west and all non believers. It has great cover, few have read the Quran and by the time of 9/11 attempt #2( with the theme it was all about bad oil, they were already advancing thru our government and worked as advisors to deny the nature. It worked and the numbers rose so did the conquered countries around the world so much so that the United Nations already had 56 countries able to cover and vote as one group for silenceing speech and creating hate speech laws against facts of verses. With money comes influence with Saudi money comes control of media, and universities to misinform and protect the movement. I don’t know if communist China that grew into the world supply chair, that experienced mega wealth and enlightenment really will allow Islam into China as an ally as the dawah as spread worldwide….but not without horrific terror attacks by due to jihad, many rarely hear about. Will we survive if we push back against influence and foreign shaira control from within, only if we realize BLM was Islam matter what from what we see it is has for years influenced the black communiies and the call for revolution and use racism to trigger, has already been heard… now the media has a choice to do their reporting on facts not delusional deception. In my opinion. Minneapolis was predicted and almost annouced that it was the start… to prayer started and so did the riots unless we stop the sediton, influence and overthrow of the United States culture and government from within as they say by our own hand. The words spoken to civilians are clever and many have alternative meanings such as support was against terror, when according to the quran are actually used to decieve since according to the doctrine we our the enemy of their god and we are classified as terrorists with a duty to fight. God help us.

  41. Virus , the virus seems to have characteristics that suggests that radioactive methods have been used to cause the replication and attack on the cells. I agree that Islam has a role in this – the attack is multi-tipped , the issue with this synthetic virus , is there may be time manipulated layers to it which will cause non treatments

  42. Radioactive virus? I thought viruses were more like a parasites that enters the body none funtional ( controvery about if viruses are alive or dead) attaches to muscus membranes and awakens to use the body to create an cause illness in the lungs, such as pnuemonia. Some viruses necessary for life cycle some destructive. Radiation does injure cells extreme amounts cause illness loss of hair, weaknes, attacks blood and tissue, as I don’t know if there are treatments to lessen effects of radiation’s effects on human cells, although there were potassium iodide pills, not sure. What were those high pitched sounds that sickened the American staff at the now empty Cuban embassy….? I had two episodes of high pitch near paralizing sound come right threw my phone….while on a computer it was the last item I unplugged in a panic to stop the painful noise. A phone made as all are in China.

  43. Virus , virus often times radiation is used when making vaccines , in this case the virus was manipulated to cause the attack on human cells , it’s a ticking clock virus – also there is no science in the thought it came from bats or anteater. It was proven the back and forth from human to a animals is one way. Meaning in the case of covid19. This would not be the case if it was a natural event.

  44. Virus , virus when this first appeared I noticed a pattern , as mentioned here the states that are pivotal for the President suddenly have the highest amount of cases along with super spreaders . No definite evidence but this pattern has existed since lockdown was over. This restricter has allowed all other manifestos to drift to the surface . Communists and others put zero value on human quality of life .

  45. Virus, virus bare in mind the Harvard case its telling. The mistake the combatants involved with this virus. Whom have made mockery of science in our country . Is never before in history has a virus been looked at like this virus as fast as it has. So the new works order combatants have now “ gone all in “ the decency of medical people that love and care about humans will prevail. The aftermath is the American people are now aware of the old ways with a virus and money. Now people will forever demand even faster speed on our well being. In the end this will go down in history as the biggest attack on mankind ever. But I think it will fail and America will prevail and a world restore will take place . In a sense the light has been shined on the evil and they are scattering.

  46. Virus , virus the covid19 virus has mutated against norm. It’s also been suggested it’s not a natural mutation. So indeed it seems to be time
    Coded – I strongly believe live mutated virus has been let loose – the bio attack has gone to a new phase it seems –

  47. America needs to know more about the virus – where it was made etc

  48. Dr. Fauci needs to testify and be asked if he has information about the covid19 virus and it’s mutations – he needs to be asked questions by other doctors – his prefacing on wearing goggles concerns me that he knows the extent of this virus and it’s biological makeup . I also don’t like people close to the President testing positive – This has me concerned –

  49. Virus, virus tracking the cases of this and reading the history of this virus as it relates to already
    Documented corona virus studies – I truly have deep deep concerns – America may be in peril – my instincts tell me this is a sinister attack on all of America – the world has suffered as well – but here in America were under attack – I honestly think it is time for the President to address the nation and form a committee- who will speak honestly to Americans –

  50. Virus, virus based on the cdc ro count for covid19 215,000,000 or close have been infected – or there is a issue . Currently the 60 million people who have been tested the rate for purposes of this is 8% x 5 million thats over 40 million infections times 5.7 the numbers are skewed or the ro is incorrect –

  51. Virus, virus we need a calmer hand at the reins medically – fauci has to much history and doesn’t prove to be a team player – change is needed and investigation – into whuhaan lab and fauci

  52. Virus , virus
    Americans have a right to know if any American was involved with covid19- research – or monies passed to whuhans lab and under what pretense – if we didn’t know what they were researching then that is negligent.

  53. Virus,virus
    Fauci on tv a few days ago said 5% of Americans have been infected with covid19- that’s over 3 times the tested verified amount – is fauci prefacing the r0 ? This is a twist in where and how this has come about – it seems covid19 is a restricter- the threat to America is much deeper then imagined –

  54. Virus , virus
    Of note : daily recorded cases have had the steepest decline since the onset of the covid19 attack . We have fallen from around 80k recorded cases a day to a running 7 day average as of today of 40k with a drop to
    36k at one point- also of note: recorded deaths have not reached peak levels as to win 23k of recorded covid19 cases were being recorded daily – deaths also have dipped to the 200,s per day during high uptick of cases – I mentioned before the caring medical profession would prevail – but make no mistake America was attacked with this covid19 virus – interesting public sentiment on taking a vaccine has diminished – to very low levels . Also of note South Korea reported a new more contagious strain – be concerned- this comes as fauci suggests we follow chinas lead on the virus – proving again were in a battle – the battle is can the medical caring professionals entirely wipe out the corona virus weather it’s been mutated or not . Of note the South Korea report mentions more contagious – as the battle wears on – America will prevail – the mutations seem to be man made –

  55. Virus,virus
    Fauci and Collins stop plasma antibodies treatment and release thereof from our blood supply – doctors worldwide have hailed it as a safe way to save lives. I’m deeply concerned over this action and more recent statements that the USA needs to follow chinas lead on covid19. Deeply , deeply concerned

  56. Virus,virus
    Since the records have been reported of covid19 tests and deaths- ( any death from this attack is horrible ) over 60 of the days less then 1,000 deaths per day have been reported for covid19- why is this of importance – if you examine the charts and the daily recorded “ cases “ as they are being called “ positive” it appears it doesn’t effect the average reported deaths regardless of how many cases are reported – this seems odd in several regards – but I defer to the regarded folks here of understanding the threat – at the very least it suggests collaboration of sort to restrict the USA and its citizens for some reason – as the numbers roll in were now being reported old California and Texas have faulty positive kits – thousands of tests maybe wrong maybe millions – at some point my view on this is going to ask for understanding the threat to understand this threat – is this a pysop for eventual take over of our way of life .

  57. Virus, virus
    So comparing Sweden with 10 million people and 5,500 deaths reported with this virus – the USA with its half lockdown and half open methods we have about a half percent of 1% rate of death with this virus actually lower – that’s also taking into account all the deaths reported are from covid19- but our team of experts have done all they can to stop treatments and slander other methods then lockdown and wait on a vaccine – you tell me what’s going on – I’m sure this virus is lethal but why stop promising treatments –
    1: we have sold out to communist China
    2: it’s being used to advance social issues
    3: our team needs to step down
    You tell me but we have 8 months of numbers now from around the world

  58. Virus,virus
    Make no mistake the protests had everything to do with locking the country down again. They pysop the people into the various causes – but the ones behind the protest are communists period – end of story – America is at war

  59. Virus,virus
    Some blow back on the plasma treatment fight America Fight !
    We will now see China try to offer a olive branch

  60. Virus ,virus
    U.S., China Reaffirm Commitment To Phase 1 Trade Deal In Phone Call

  61. Virus, virus
    New mutated strain infects young man – note: China says that they have a vaccine for all 20 strains –

  62. Virus,virus
    Virologist Says There Is Evidence COVID-19 Was Man-Made In Wuhan

  63. Virus,virus
    Ab8 antibody developer stops virus- there is a history here with University of Pittsburgh the original doctor working on it early on was mysteriously killed –
    My assessment of this terror act is proving correct in which I stated that the medical professionals who care for mankind will find a way – this is a game changer celebration is required – this stops the communists in their tracks –
    Fight for the USA

  64. Virus, virus
    Report released that proves without doubt covid19 made in lab. China’s military scientist involved – links to funding – need to be investigated- the show is out in the open – those who think we were not attacked do not understand hard core communism.

  65. Virus,virus
    The method of using a weakened version of the virus , in a vaccine will kill all. The weapon has been made with that in mind , the Oxford vaccine will be stopped and fail – the weapon has to be admitted into the scientific labs and created as is to , discover the slices and cleaves – and how it force multiplies itself , with the cleaves having been made.

  66. Virus, virus
    The best down drives on new pysop high case count the beat down goes on. CDC reversed itself again , the communist are in it to win it – brace America in Fredericksburg Virginia today car dealership had giant American flag upside down – it is now flying correctly-
    Not saying where the individuals are from who had it upside down – but this is to much

  67. Virus, virus
    Beat down new psyop media driven communist behind it – stripping all hope – pitting Americans against each other – the communist have taken root – fight the communist – communist are rotten to the core – Freedom Freedom !

  68. Virus,virus
    The attacks will grow – ( red brigades- type tactics )

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