November 29, 2018

Asia Bibi Case Reveals the West’s Unwillingness to Take on Islam

In 2010, a Catholic woman named Aasiya Noreen (Asia Bibi) was convicted and sentenced under section 295-C of the 1986 blasphemy law in Pakistan. Bibi was sentenced to death by hanging, and spent the last nine years in solitary confinement while she appealed her conviction.

On June 19th, 2009 Bibi was harvesting berries with her muslim co-workers who previously urged her to convert to Islam on numerous occasions.  Bibi was asked to fetch water from a nearby well and stopped to drink with an old metal cup.  A muslim woman saw this and told Bibi it was forbidden for a Christian to drink from a utensil used by muslims because Christians are unclean.

The muslim women made derogatory statements about Christianity, and demanded Bibi convert to Islam.

Bibi responded, “I believe in my religion and in Jesus Christ, who died on the cross for the sins of mankind. What did your Prophet Mohammed ever do to save mankind?  And why should it be me that converts instead of you?”

The muslim women beat Bibi and announced from the mosque loud speakers she would be punished.  Bibi was held for 17 months, then convicted for blasphemy against Mohammad and sentenced to death by hanging.

In prison, she cooked her own food to avoid poisoning.

After being held 3,421 days Asia Bibi was acquitted by the Supreme Court of Pakistan citing “material contradictions and inconsistent statements of the witnesses.”

After the acquittal, several protests erupted in Pakistan.  One survey reported that around 10 million Pakistanis said they would be willing to personally kill Bibi in the name of Islam or for the reward which equals $4700.  Bibi has been released from Pakistan prison, but is in hiding and reportedly cannot leave the county.

It has been rumored it could take her years to leave the county.  Bibi’s husband begged for asylum in Britain for his wife and him, but the request was denied.  British Prime Minister Theresa May publicly stated that letting Bibi claim asylum in the UK would ‘stoke tensions’ among British Muslims.

Bibi is still being hunted across Pakistan, forcing her and her family to go from one safe house to another.  They can only travel at night, and she is still in fear for her life.

Now let us look at another Pakistani recently released from prison.

Anjem Choudary, is a lawyer living in Britain originally from Pakistan.  For the last 20 years, Choudary openly called for jihad against the West and recruited people to Islam and the jihad.

Choudary is the founder of Sharia4UK.  All published sharia mandates warfare against non-muslims until an Islamic State is established under sharia (Islamic law).

Choudary encourages jihad as a necessary principal of the Islam.  He has done it on street corners, mosques, and in front of television cameras.  British authorities found a video of Choudary pledging loyalty to the Islamic State.

Between June 29, 2014 and March 6, 2015, Choudary also posted a series of lectures on YouTube inviting support for the Islamic State.  At the time, it is believed Choudary may have had links to as many as 500 jihadis who left Britain to join the Islamic State.

Choudary was released on parole after serving half his time.

The terms of his release state he cannot “radicalize others.”  He is also banned from using the internet or speaking to children.  However, he can still go into to mosques and teach Islam, which mandates jihad.

Choudary intends to fight, calling the restrictions on him “disproportionate” to the crime and a violation of his “human rights”.

The first day of release he met up with his wife.

British group Hope Not Hate, said “No other British citizen has had so much influence over so many terrorists as Choudary.

“We’ve tracked over 120 Islamist terrorists linked to him,” said former counterterrorism detective David Videcette.  “There wasn’t ever a time when I was researching individuals and extremists related to plots where someone involved wasn’t connected to him.”

Here are just a few Quotes from Choudary

  •  “As a Muslim, I must have hatred for anything non-Islam”
  • “Muslims “do not believe in the concept of freedom of expression”
  • “Whoever insults the message of Mohammed is going to be subject to capital punishment.”
  • “Sharia (Islamic law) is more important than the legal systems of liberal democracies.”
  • “In two years America will be land of Muslims and all Christians will be our slaves”

Choudary is allowed to remain in Britain after recruiting muslims to wage war against non-muslims, openly supporting the terrorist group ISIS, and claiming America will be taken over by Islam in two years.

Asia Bibi, a Pakistani Christian woman pardoned by the Pakistani government for “blaspheming Mohammad” while being threatened with death by millions of Pakistani people, is not welcome in Britain.

A terrorist recruiter and supporter, Choudary, is free and comfortable, while a Pakistani Christian woman, Asia Bibi, is needs to move from safe house to safe house at night because her life is threatened by most people around her.

At the time this article was published, no nation has agreed to receive Asia Bibi so she can live in peace and freedom.

The Asia Bibi case is a test of whether the United States and the West will defend liberty and true human rights of persecuted Christians.

















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  1. Horrible what the West has turned into. A hell-hole it will be very soon. There will be no blessing from God. Looks like they have already been cursed, and judgement coming. Total destruction.

    Tossing God our of their nations and welcoming and defending evil will have consequences.

    As they all will find out.

  2. it would be great if President Trump could arrange asylum to the Christian woman Bibi,(Pakistan) her children and her family. However, the information would have to reach him, and push back would certainly arise from the left especially if her case allowed the information about sharia law to be exposed. She was in prison, her opinion and comments were forbidden.
    Russia, who has plenty of lands and has now a growing interest in farming, has invited the Dutch farmers from South Africa to consider relocating and using their farming expertise since these farmers may soon be subject to the seizing of land without compensation and have been suffered atrocities and attacks.

  3. Asia Bibi

  4. For developments in Asia Bibi’s story go to Citizen Go and BPCA (British Pakistani Christian Association).
    You can support her and her family via both sites. You can also support her by purchasing her book, “Blasphemy: The True, Heartbreaking Story of the Woman Sentenced to Death Over a Cup of Water.”

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