Understanding the Threat needs your help defending ourselves against a crippling attack in the courts. Our enemies want to silence us. Standing together, we can make sure they do not succeed.

Lawfare, a jihadi specialty, the use of litigation to suppress truth, has been deployed against UTT to bleed us financially and take us off mission. Matters have now come to a head, and we urgently need funding to fight off this attack—and win our countersuit to teach them a lesson.

Richard Stanek, who is no longer the sheriff in Hennepin County, sued John and UTT’s parent company for medical and psychological damages to the tune of nearly a million dollars after a minor incident 2 years ago.

Richard Stanek – like so many other leaders in America – is on record as saying he got all of his knowledge of Islam from an Imam who is a known jihadi. While he denies his ties to Hamas (doing business as CAIR), UTT has obtained a letter from CAIR indicating the Sheriff’s Office has worked with them.

CAIR has supported Stanek on social media.

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