Sharia the Threat to America
Report of Team B II

This highly informative report reveals a troubling reality: The Obama and Bush II administrations, along with state and local governments, have been blind to critical facts about the true nature of the enemy we face and what  animates him, his progress toward achieving our demise, and what we can do to stop him. Download the PDF here.

The Project on
Featuring expert commentary by John Guandolo

An explosive two-part mini-series produced by TheBlaze documentary unit that exposes the Muslim Brotherhood's infiltration of the US Federal Bureaucracy and its coverup by our own government, jeopardizing our nation's security. A must-see for everyone who loves America.

The Muslim Brotherhood in America
A Course in 10 Parts Presented by Frank Gaffney

This highly informative video series is available online free of charge here.

Students Radicalized on US College Campuses
Islamic extremism at Northwestern University

A shocking video exposé on Islamic extremists' efforts to recruit and radicalize students on American college campuses.

On The True Nature of the Threat
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The war which we fight is primarily defined by the enemy as INFORMATION WARFARE, which manifests itself in our system as political warfare, influence operations, and subversion of our foundational institutions: political, educational, religious, and media. Yet, our entire government structure is focused on the kinetic war – shootings, bombings, kidnappings and other acts of “terrorism.” We are not only NOT winning in the information battle-space, we are not engaged in that space because we do not understand it is the enemy’s self-identified Main Focus of Effort. Where we do attempt to engage in the information battle-space, we are off the mark because we have not stopped to learn the enemy doctrine. Jihadi plans for violence here in the U.S., as well as the wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, and elsewhere, are important to the enemy, but secondary to the Information Warfare. Our failure to understand this and to know the enemy doctrine cripples our ability to engage the enemy where he fights his main battle. Continue reading ...

Bylaws of the Muslim Brotherhood
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Understanding the Threat DVD

JG on United West regarding CIA Director John Brennan's Conversion to Islam

In the United West video below, former FBI special agent John Guandolo discusses John Brennan's conversion to Islam while a CIA station chief in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia and its implications in light of Brennan's nomination as CIA Director.

JG on The War Room regarding CIA Director John Brennan's Conversion to Islam

In this radio interview on The War Room with Quinn & Rose, John Guandolo talks about the troubling ramifications of CIA Director John Brennan's conversion to Islam when he was a CIA station chief in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

JG on the Sean Hannity Radio Program on 12th Anniversary of 9/11

John was interviewed by Sean Hannity on 9/19/2013, about a week after the 12th anniversary of 9/11 and talked about the catastrophic failure of our Government to deal with the growing threat from the Muslim Brotherhood in America who seek to transform it into an Islamic republic under Islamic Law. Listen to the interview by clicking on the image below.

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